Different SMS Status In Delivery Reports?

Fast2SMS is one of the SMS based website which provide exact SMS delivery report. While sending bulk SMS, it is vital to check the delivery reports.  There are various status in Fast2SMS delivery report and in below points we can know their meaning:

  • Pending – Our system evaluating SMS and sending your SMS to our operator.
  • Sent – Your SMS has been sent to our operator and report of that delivery is still pending (our system waiting for delivery report).

Note: It can be possible that receiver received SMS but report still pending (some time it take few minutes to generate report).

  • Delivered – When the message received by the user successfully.
  • Failed – SMS not get deliver to receiver.
  • Blocked – If receiver mobile number is registered in “Fast2SMS do not disturb” then our system will show status as “blocked”. Also, we will not deduct any credit for such number.
  • DND – The DND (Do Not Disturb) status only comes under the promotional route as the Promotional route doesn’t allow sending SMS to DND number, so all DND numbers show this status and money will not be deducted. If you want to send SMS on DND number then use transactional route.


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