Different SMS Status In Delivery Reports?

Fast2SMS is one of the SMS based website which provide exact SMS delivery report. While sending bulk SMS, it is vital to check the delivery reports. There are various status in Fast2SMS delivery report and in below points we can know their meaning:

  • Sent – Your SMS has been sent to our operator and report of that delivery is still pending (our system waiting for delivery report). The below image shows the report of a sent SMS.

Note: It can be possible that receiver received SMS but report is still pending (some time it take few minutes to generate report). Also if the mobile number is not in network or switched off then the status will appear as sent. The gateway tries to send the message over a 24 hour period. As soon as the number comes in network, the SMS will get delivered therein.

Delivery report of a sent SMS


  • Delivered – When the message is delivered to the user successfully.

how delivery report works?


  • Failed – SMS does not get delivered to the receiver.

The image below shows the delivery status of the SMS which is failed due to some reasons.

Deliver report of failed SMS

      The SMS are failed to deliver due to

  • Invalid number or services of the number closed by the operator
  • Subscriber is not available at that time
  • Inbox memory is full or exceeded
  • SMS timeout after all retry
  • Network failed
  • Unidentified Subscriber, No response from the handset.
  • Number out of coverage area/ Switched Off.
  • The recipient cannot receive incoming messages.
  • Network or Protocol Failure other than the listed.
  • Short Message rejected by MS because of no memory capacity to store the messages.
  • Congestion Encountered at the visited MSC or the SGSN.
  • Recipient MS has no SMS subscription.
  • No allocated IMSI or directory number for the mobile subscriber in the HLR.
  • The PLMN has rejected the short message because the MS failed authentication.
  • All the retries from different operators have been made.

We debit the charges of failed SMS because we have to pay the operator.

Our system works on submission basis.
Means as soon as you push the SMS from our system it will debit the SMS cost, now its on operators when they will deliver or mark that SMS as failed after all retry.
  • Blocked – If receiver mobile number is registered in “Fast2SMS do not disturb” then our system will show status as “blocked”. The image below depicts the delivery status of the SMS in which the number is blocked. In Fast2SMS we can block our number if we don’t want to receive SMS. If a person has activated ‘block your number’ feature then the SMS will not get delivered.

Note : We don’t charge for the SMS in which the receiver has blocked his or her number

delivery report of a blocked number


  • DND – The DND (Do Not Disturb) status only comes under the promotional route as the Promotional route doesn’t allow sending SMS to DND number, so all DND numbers show this status and money will not be deducted. If you want to send SMS on DND number then use transactional route.

The below image shows the delivery report of an SMS sent to DND number.

Note: We don’t debit the charges if the SMS is sent to DND numbers from Promotional route.

how delivery report works?


  • Pending – Our system evaluating SMS and sending your SMS to our operator. The below image shows the delivery report of a pending SMS which is yet to be sent from our end due to heavy queue, check reports after sometime.

Delivery report of pending SMS



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