How To Use Custom SMS (variable)?

Custom SMS feature in Fast2SMS is for those users who want to send unique variable SMS to each receiver (from excel sheet). With the help of variable feature you can change variable value in each SMS and let remaining SMS same. This feature will work in Bulk SMS section only.


Dear Rahul,

Registration for your number 8888888888 is successful.

We will update you when any event happen in Delhi.

Thank You

In above example SMS, if you want to change name, mobile number and city for each receiver (and want rest SMS to be same for all user) then use feature variable. In below steps we can see how to use variable feature in custom SMS:

  1. Login In Fast2SMS
  2. Select “Custom SMS” feature
  3. Upload your CSV File (based on CSV file variable data will change)

How To Use Custom SMS (variable)

sheet uploaded


4. Once sheet uploaded then “Select Column Name which has Mobile Numbers”

5. Write your SMS in Message Box

6. Then add variable in SMS by clicking on “Add variable”

Custom SMS with variables


Note: When you click on “Add variable” after that you have to click on CSV file column name (which you want to add).

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