Bulk Indian Mobile Number Database For Promotional Bulk SMS

The world is going mobile, as a result of which the popularity of SMS Marketing campaign is spiraling at an exponential rate. With the increasing demand for Bulk SMS Marketing, the need for Indian mobile number database is rising continuously.

However, collecting mobile number database for promotion can be challenging for a lot of businesses. Owing to the massive requirement of the Indian number list, Fast2SMS has introduced a new feature wherein we provide free Indian mobile number database for marketing your products, services thereby enabling you to segment your target audience based on a particular demographic location.

Using our authentic mobile number database for promotion, you can streamline your advertising campaigns and generate potential leads for your business at absolutely no cost.


Advantage of this feature

  • Fast2SMS is providing you the database without any cost. You will get Indian mobile number list based on a particular city or state selected by you for free.
  • In this feature, you only need to pay for the delivered SMS and your entire failed SMS amount will be auto-credited into your wallet.
  • To maintain the transparency and authenticity, the delivery status of your campaign SMS can be viewed from the panel itself.
  • You can start your advertising campaigns instantly and reach-out to the target customers of the specified city and state. This saves both time and effort of the business owners as they don’t need to arrange the numbers for the brand promotion anymore.


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How this feature works?

Let’s understand the process of sending Promotional SMS from the Bulk Numbers section in Fast2SMS.

1. After you login into the site, select the Bulk Numbers option from the right menu bar. The screen will be displayed as shown in the image below.

Here, in this page the introduction of the Bulk Number feature is given. Fast2SMS is providing you the Indian mobile number database of different cities and states on which you can send promotional SMS for marketing your products and services. You don’t need to pay any extra charge for the numbers and if there are any failed SMS, then the failed SMS amount will be auto refunded into your Fast2SMS wallet. If you want to start with your marketing campaign then click on the button Create Campaign.

Create campaign button, Bulk Indian Mobile Number Database For Promotional Bulk SMS


2. As you click on that button, the following page with the terms and conditions of this feature will get displayed.

Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions for using this feature

  • As per our policy, Fast2MS will not display the mobile number details. When you check the delivery report status of the sent SMS, only the initial 5 digits of the mobile numbers will be displayed and rest will be hidden.
  • Our system will send the messages to the specified target audience which has been selected by you.
  • Before sending SMS to your selected audience, your message text will be reviewed by the Fast2SMS team to ensure that it does not contain any phishing link, fake or fraudulent information. After verifying that there is no misguided information in the message, your campaign will get approved and the SMS sending process will begin therein.
  • SMS delivery reports will be visible within 48 hours. All the sent SMS delivery reports will be updated within 48 hours and can be checked from the panel.
  • Fast2SMS does not hold responsibility for any response/click/leads from the sent SMS. Although, we are providing the mobile number database without any charge, we are not accountable for the response you will receive from the campaign or the number of clicks you will get.
  • The mobile number data provided to you has been collected from the third-party and we don’t guarantee the accuracy of this database as it is not verified.
  • Taking care of our users’ needs and offering maximum value, we are providing you with the Indian mobile number database absolutely free.You just need to pay for the messages sent and there are no charges for the database. The major advantage of this feature is that you don’t need to pay even for the failed SMS as we are only charging for the SMS which have been delivered. This benefit can be availed in the Bulk Numbers feature only.
  • As we are not certain with the accuracy of the database and there might be some numbers which are invalid or not is use, we are providing 100% refund for the Failed SMS. The failed SMS amount will be refunded in your Fast2SMS wallet within 48 hours.


If you agree to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions then click on the ‘I Agree Terms and Conditions’ button.


3. As you click on the button, the Bulk Number panel will get displayed. The first option visible in this page is Campaign Name. Here, you need to give a name to the campaign that will help you in its identification and the delivery reports of a particular campaign will be shown by its name. The name can be based on your business goal, target audience, or any other criteria as per your choice.

Campaign name


4. Next option is Sender ID. Here, you need to select the Sender ID through which these messages will get sent. By default, all SMS will be sent from the sender ID of Fast2SMS that is FSTSMS. You can even create a Sender ID representing your brand or company.

Sender ID


If you want to create Sender ID of your brand name then select the ‘Add New’ option at the right side of the screen.

Add New Sender ID button

As you click on the Add New button, terms and conditions for creating Sender ID will get displayed.

Note: You cannot create Sender ID that match with the personal names, famous artists’ name, government agencies or any brand not related to you. Sender ID can only be created by the authorized person of a brand or company.

Read the Sender ID Terms and Conditions mentioned in the dialog box and if you agree with it then click on the ‘I agree terms and conditions’ button to proceed further.

Sender ID terms and conditions


Once you click on the button, next dialog box will appear stating the plans for creating Sender ID. Select the plan which suits your requirement and then click on Next.

Sender ID plans


Here, you need to enter the name with which you want to create Sender ID. In the next line enter the company full form of the credentials entered previously. You also need to provide a sample SMS which you will send using this sender ID.

After entering all the details, click on the checkbox and press the Submit button. Once you have submitted the Sender ID, Fast2SMS team will verify and activate your Sender ID within 12-24 working hours. And after approval, you can send SMS using your customized Sender ID.

Sender ID submit


5. Next option is Select Audience. As you click on the text box, you will find the options for selecting your target audience based on the state and city at the right side of the panel. As you click on the State option, you will get the list of the Indian states whose database is available with Fast2SMS. The number in the brackets next to the states depict the mobile numbers of that particular state which are available with Fast2SMS at present. You need to select a particular state in which you want to conduct your marketing campaign. There is an option of Unknown State which contains the mix mobile numbers of all cities in India. You can choose this option if you want to run an advertising campaign for all Indian cities.

Select audience unknown city


As an example, we have selected Madhya Pradesh. As you can see, in Madhya Pradesh over 14 lakh numbers are available with Fast2SMS at present. Once we click on it, you will get the option to select the city within Madhya Pradesh in which you want to carry out your promotional campaign. The available database of all the cities in Madhya Pradesh will be shown and number in the brackets next to the city displays the mobile numbers of that particular city. If you want to send messages to the target audience of Bhopal, then you need to select Bhopal and similarly you can select any number of cities from the list provided.

Select audience Bhopal


You can select your target audience for different states or cities in a single campaign. If you wish to include Karnataka audience then you can select Karnataka and then choose the cities which you want to add in the campaign. We are providing you the option to select multiple cities, states in a campaign.

When you have selected your target audience for the promotional campaign, you will find the total selected mobile numbers in the option ‘Total Selected Audience’.

Select audience total


Important Note: The numbers provided in this database are Non DND as you can only send promotional and marketing SMS to Non DND numbers according to TRAI regulations.

The database provided here is being regularly updated by our team and in future we will keep on adding the mobile number list of the cities and states whose data is not available at present. So, new mobile numbers will be continuously added as and when we obtain and purchase the data.


6. After selecting the target audience, you need to create the text message in the Campaign Message text box. Here, you need to enter the promotional text content which you wish to send to your previously selected audience.

By default, your mobile number will be displayed in the campaign message text box. If you wish to hide your mobile number so that it is not visible to the recipients of the SMS, then you need to click on your number displayed in the text box to subscribe for Premium Membership feature.

Premium membership feature


Once you click on it, a new window will get opened describing the details of the Premium Membership feature. It is a unique feature offered by Fast2SMS to hide your mobile number from the SMS. Read the Premium Membership benefits provided in the dialog box and if you want to subscribe for this feature then select the button ‘Yes, I want to subscribe’.

Subscribe premium membership


Once you click on it, the next page will display the premium membership plans which you can choose according to your requirement. After selecting your desired plan, click on the Next button.

Premium membership plans


Provide the confirmation to deduct the amount for premium membership by clicking on the check box and then press the submit button.

Premium membership submit request


As you click on the Submit button, premium membership will get activated automatically in your Fast2SMS account. A message will be displayed at the right side of the panel that ‘Premium Membership Successfully activated’.

Premium membership success


Now, your mobile number will be hidden and will not be displayed to the SMS recipients. A message will appear on your screen like the image below

Premium membership success message


Now you can write the text in the campaign message box which you want to send to your target audience. You can write the message content in English as well as in other regional languages. If you wish to write the message in any language apart from English, then you need to select the Unicode tab next to the English tab.

Campaign message promotional


Per SMS cost depends on the character limit of the SMS. You can send a long message but the cost will be calculated on the number of characters in your SMS. If you wish to send message of 500 characters then the cost of 4 SMS will be debited from your wallet (160 characters per SMS). The character limit is different for both English and Unicode SMS. To know more about the character limit in SMS, click here.

Next visible option is Total Selected Audience. It displays the audience of the selected city and state. Now you need to enter the number of people to whom you want to send SMS from the total selected audience in the option ‘Enter Your Audience Size’. As you enter the number, the amount required for sending SMS to that many number of people will get displayed automatically in the Total Amount box. Here, we want to send this particular SMS campaign to 50 people. So, the cost for sending 50 SMS is Rs. 10 which has been displayed in the Total Amount box. Now, you simply need to click on the Create Campaign button.

Create campaign


As you click on it, a confirmation screen will get displayed stating the details of the sender ID from which the SMS will get sent, total numbers selected by you, total characters, cost per SMS, total messages and total cost of the campaign. As you press the Confirm button, your SMS will be manually reviewed by the Fast2SMS team to make sure that it does not contain any fake information. If the SMS gets approved, automatically the campaign will get kick-started and the sending process will begin. If the message template gets rejected by the Fast2SMS team, the debited amount will be auto-credited into your Fast2SMS wallet.

Click on the Confirm button to submit the campaign.

Confirm message campaign


As you submit the campaign, a message will be displayed in the right side of the panel that your campaign is under review, after the approval system will process it as shown in the image below

Campaign submitted for approval


If you want to view the reports, you need to click on the Bulk Numbers section again from the right side of the menu. Here, you can view the reports by the campaign name.

As you can see, the status is displayed as pending for approval. Fast2SMS team will review the campaigns within 12-24 working hours and as soon as it gets approved, you will receive notification via SMS that your campaign has been approved and the processing has been started.

Pending for approval


If your campaign gets rejected, the amount that has been debited will be auto-refunded back to your wallet and the notification will appear on your screen as shown below.

Campaign rejected


After your campaign gets approved, you can click on the View Reports option to get the complete details of your campaign.

Campaign approved



Status of your campaign, date and time, amount debited will be displayed in the top page of the report section.

Also the number of SMS which have been delivered and sent will be shown as you scroll down further.

Campaign reports


The sender ID from which the messages have been sent and the message text will also be shown.

Sender id with message text in reports


Next, the initial mobile number digits with the status and delivery time will be displayed at the bottom of the page. We don’t provide the complete number details as mentioned previously in our terms and conditions. If you want to get Excel Report of your Delivered SMS, you can select the ‘Request Excel’ button.

As you can see a number is displayed in brackets after some of the mobile numbers. This implies that those numbers have been re-swapped for that many times as mentioned in the bracket. Suppose, you want to deliver your campaign SMS to 50 people. The target audience of that particular city is 4 lakh. As we have collected the database from third-party and it is unverified, there might be some numbers in the database which are invalid, switched off, out of reach. So, there is a probability that SMS sent on those numbers might get failed. As soon as Fast2SMS receives the failed SMS report, that particular number will be removed from the list and the same message will be sent to the next in line number. Fast2SMS tries its best to deliver the SMS to the number of people stated by you. If it receives the report that SMS delivery has been failed on a particular number then Fast2SMS will remove that number and add a new number from the database and this process will continue till all your SMS get delivered.

If your SMS delivery gets failed even after re-swapping the numbers then that SMS will be failed and you will receive the refund of that SMS in your Fast2SMS wallet. So, in this feature you just need to pay for the delivered SMS only.

Note: The refund for the failed SMS will be provided in the Bulk Numbers feature only.

If you want to start a new campaign then you need to visit the Bulk Number feature and click on the Create New Campaign button.

Create New Campaign


Here, if you are starting out a new campaign, then 2 options will get increased in the Select Audience tab as displayed in the image below:

Selected audience with options


If you are selecting the first option that is ‘Send to repeated numbers’ then the messages will be sent to those numbers on which it was sent earlier.

If you are selecting the second option that is ‘Sent to unique numbers only’ then the messages will be delivered to the new numbers which were not included in your previous campaign.

Note: According to the TRAI rules, promotional SMS can only be sent to Non DND numbers within the time frame of 9 AM to 9 PM. Hence, the numbers provided in the database are Non DND and this feature will work from 9 AM to 9 PM only.


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In this way, you can create promotional campaigns for different cities and states as per your budget.

Our endeavor is to offer you complete transparency on the services and therefore, we are providing you a platform where you can view the delivery reports of your campaign directly from your end. Thus, you can conduct SMS Marketing campaigns without the hassle of arranging numbers for brand promotion and get connected with your target audience in an effortless manner.

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