5 New Features In Fast2SMS

Fast2SMS is a one of a kind Bulk SMS Service Provider in India having plethora of features designed to enhance your marketing experience and build an instant connectivity with your target audience. Taking care of the needs of our users, recently we have introduced new features so that you can benefit immensely from our service and make the best use of it.

New features in Fast2SMS

  1. AI Algorithm – “Failed SMS” Retry via different operator
  2. SMS preview before sending
  3. Save Message for future use
  4. Tutorial Videos in Hindi and English
  5. Dedicated chat support team and phone number

1st Update: AI Algorithm – “Failed SMS” Retry via different operator

Fast2SMS uses AI Algorithm, In this algorithm we use multiple mobile operators routes so that if one operator is not able to deliver message, our system will retry sending it with another operator. As an example, if your message is unable to get delivered via idea operator then it would be tried by the next in-line operator such as Vodafone, Airtel, MTNL, etc. till all the possible operators are tried. Unlike other Bulk SMS providers, we generate only genuine delivery reports, providing clear and transparent status of every SMS.

You can check your delivery reports from the Delivery Reports Panel in Fast2SMS. As you click on that tab, the following screen will get displayed. You can search for a particular SMS based on routes, date, mobile number, and even message text. To check the status of a particular SMS, you can click anywhere in that row.

Delivery Report Panel in Fast2SMS


Delivery Report of a Failed SMS

Let’s suppose we want to check the status of the the second message. Simply, click on the second row. Once it gets opened, the following screen will be displayed. As you can see that the message is failed. Also we can see, next to Failed, 2 is displayed in brackets. It means that your SMS has been tried to sent twice but it got failed. If you want to view in detail the reasons of the message failed then, click on the text Failed (2).

Failed delivery report of SMS


Once you click on the text Failed(2), the following window will get opened. As described in the Retry Report, the reason for the message failure is that number in which the message was sent does not exist. Process time is that time when Fast2SMS schedules the message to the operator. As you can see, at 02:49:47 PM the message has been sent to the operator but it got failed so the message has been sent again to a different operator at 02:49:52 PM. This time also it got failed as the number did not exist. So if a message gets failed, we retry to send it via a different operator. Here, both the times, the message got failed and hence it is showing Failed (2) in the delivery report details.

Failed sms retry report


You can even download the Delivery Report of a particular SMS by clicking on the ‘Downloading Excel’ button. When you click on that button, the excel sheet starts getting downloaded as shown in the image below.

Delivery report in Fast2SMS


When you click on that excel sheet, an excel file will get opened displaying the details of the message sent. It will show the receiver’s number, sent message format, sent time, status, description, and delivery time.

Delivery report in excel sheet


Following are reasons behind Failed SMS

  • Number not reachable: When the message is being sent, if the recipient’s mobile number is not reachable within the stipulated time period then the message gets failed.
  • Operator rejected: Carrier had rejected the message as the operator blacklisted the number or the SMS content and hence declared as failed SMS.
  • Operator error: Operator failed to process or respond, this is technical issue from operator end.
  • Number not exist: If the SMS is sent to an invalid number, then it won’t get delivered and hence will get failed.
  • Unknown subscriber: Number is not active or service is temporary suspended or not available.
  • Number switch off or low signal: Mobile phone is switched off or having low signal so the SMS will not get delivered. But, if within the time limit the mobile comes in network or is switched on then the message will delivered otherwise is it failed.
  • Operator not responding: Operator not responding, so we not getting any response hence message got failed.
  • Operator time out: Sometimes, if all the attempts to send the message within a stipulated time have failed still the message is unable to get delivered, then the SMS might get failed due to operator time out.
  • Handset memory full: Recipient’s mobile inbox is full. To get the message, the receiver need to clear up some space and then they will be able to receive the SMS.
  • Number suspended by operator: Mobile number suspended/blocked by operator that is why SMS got failed.
  • Operator congestion: It happen sometimes that there is too much traffic with either of the operators resulting in failure of the SMS.
  • Handset error: Completely related to the mobile settings (or software issue) because of that SMS  got failed.


Delivery Report of a Delivered SMS

Let’s check the status of another message. Here, as we can see the message has been delivered successfully. Also in the status it is appearing Delivered (3). It means that it took 3 attempts to finally get the message delivered. Click on the text Delivered (3) to view further details.

Delivered SMS


Once we click on that text, the following window gets opened. In the Retry Report, we can see that at first, the message got failed due to unknown reason, then at the second retry, it was rejected by the operator, and finally at the third attempt it was delivered successfully.

Retry report of a delivered SMS


Delivery Report of DND and Blocked numbers

If you are sending SMS to DND numbers from Bulk SMS Promotional route then the message will not get delivered and the status will be shown as DND. The same rule will be applicable to Blocked numbers. Fast2SMS will not debit the cost of messages sent to DND numbers from Promotional route and Blocked numbers. The following image shows the delivery report of message sent to DND and Blocked numbers.

DND and blocked numbers


When you click on the Text ‘Blocked’ the following window will get opened.

Blocked number retry report


Similarly, when you click on the status DND, following window will get displayed.

DND retry report


Delivery Report of Sent SMS

The image below describes that your message has been sent but the report is pending. Click on the status Sent(3) to read the Retry Report.

Sent retry report


Once we click on the Sent (3), the Retry Report of the messages sent by us will be displayed. At first the message got failed, at the second attempt, it failed again. At the third attempt, it was sent and the delivery report is pending. If the status of your message is sent, our system retry for 6 hours to deliver the message. If the numbers comes in network in that period SMS will get delivered else it will show you failed.

Sent retry report of SMS

2nd Update: SMS preview before sending

Now, before sending any message you can preview it from the Fast2SMS panel. It will help you format your SMS in a much better way. As you press the Send button, the following screen will get displayed. Preview can appear differently in different handsets. As you can see in the image below, at the left side is the Message Preview and at the right side is the Confirmation details like costs per SMS, total characters, total numbers, etc. Once you click on the Confirm button, the message will get sent.

Preview of SMS in Fast2SMS


3rd Update: Save Message

Owing to the demands of the users, we have specially designed the option of saving messages. Often times, we need to send the same message again and it becomes quite time consuming if we have to draft the same message again. So, to overcome this problem, you can now save your SMS and drag and drop it into the message box.


How to save SMS?

1. After selecting the Sender ID and entering the mobile number, click on the message field.

2. As soon as you click on the message field, at the right side of the screen, 2 tabs will be shown – Previous Messages and Saved Messages. By default all your previously sent SMS will get displayed as shown in the below image. You can drag and drop to use them.

Save Messages


3. If you want to save a message, simply click on the Save Message button at the top right side of the screen.

Save SMS draft


4. As you click on the button, the following window will get open.

Save message box


5. Write the message text in the box and click on the submit button after you have written the message text.

Save message in message box


6. As you press the Submit button, your message gets saved successfully as shown in the image below.

SMS saved successfully in Fast2SMS


7. Once the message gets saved, you can drag and drop the saved SMS from the list of saved messages to your message box as shown in the image below:

Drag and drop your SMS


8. You can even edit or delete the saved message. If you want to edit the message text, click on the pencil icon in the text displayed. And to Delete click on the bin button next to the edit button.


Note: You can save upto 30 SMS at a time. As soon as you reach the limit, an alert message will get displayed, following which you can delete the previous saved messages accordingly.

message limit exceeded

This way you can save your time also by drafting messages for future use.

4th Update: Tutorial Videos in Hindi and English

In case, you are new to our platform, make sure to watch our videos to send SMS in an easy and hassle-free way. To improve the user experience, Fast2SMS offers holistic guidance videos in both Hindi and English on how to send SMS from scratch. The videos and the blog articles are available in the Fast2SMS panel as you login.

Once you login into the Panel, at the top of the page the heading “How Bulk SMS Works” is being displayed.

How bulk sms works


As you click on that, the following window will get open. You can watch the video on how to send Bulk SMS in English or Hindi from the panel itself. If you want to read the blog article on it, click on the text Blog which will redirect the page to the blog article.

How Bulk SMS Works videos


Videos on other topics like How to send Custom SMS, Multimedia SMS, etc. will be uploaded soon.


5th Update: Dedicated chat support team and phone number

FastSMS offers email support and dedicated chat support team to attend to all your queries providing you with timely, responsive, and accurate assistance for all your doubts. You can email us your queries at [email protected] or chat with our support team after signing-in. We are always here to listen to the issues you are facing and commit to resolving them as soon as possible. In the coming months, we will also be offering you with call support.


We guarantee you that with the above set of features, Fast2SMS is the pioneer in the field of providing Bulk SMS. And if we can’t get your work done, who else would. Our robust gateway, excellent interface, and affordable SMS pricing makes us the Best Bulk SMS Provider in India. So, what are you waiting for! Start sending SMS now and connect with your target audience in no time.

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