Purchase limit in Fast2SMS and what is wallet balance?

Purchase limit in Fast2SMS

We’ll debit per SMS cost from your wallet balance, if you use Fast2SMS there is no minimum SMS purchase limit. Other  websites have packages and it is mandatory to purchase a required number of SMS. But in Fast2SMS there is no such limit.
 You can add wallet balance from Rs: 10 & start sending Bulk SMS as per your need. Our SMS price is affordable and we make sure to deliver you with quality services at reasonable prices. Click here to know about the SMS price and how to purchase SMS from Fast2SMS.

Wallet balance 

Once balance is added to your wallet, you can redeem those balance by sending SMS.
No direct refund to your bank account will process. You can use your wallet balance for sending SMS, or you can even share the coupon with your friend, and he or she can redeem it and utilize the amount to send SMS. Click here to know more about how to redeem and create coupon.
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