What is Quick Transactional SMS & how to use it?

Fast2SMS is a popular bulk SMS service provider in India. Famous for its performance driven messaging services, you can expect a high quality SMS services from us. Taking care of the needs of our users, we have launched a unique feature in addition to the 2 prominent features. Mainly there are two types of methods by which you can send bulk SMS.

  1. Transactional route
  2. Promotional route

In addition to transactional and promotional routes, Fast2SMS has introduced a new service named quick transactional route.




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What are the benefits of Quick transactional route?

Quick Transactional SMS is a unique feature launched by Fast2SMS. In this feature you don’t need to go through the tedious process of document submission and approval. In the transactional route you have to go through a long process of document verification and approval.

You need to submit two documents for transactional route:
1) Your personal Government ID proof issued by the Central Government.
2) Fast2SMS NDNC Letter with Seal & Signed on your company letterhead.

Transactional route is suitable when you have a business or a registered company. But if you are a developer or engaged in any other profession, then Quick transactional route will prove as a boon for you. It will save your valuable time and a lot of effort.


Difference between quick transactional and promotional SMS

FeaturesQuick Transactional SMSPromotional SMS
For numbersDND and Non DNDNon DND only
SMS approvalRequiredNot required
Instant SMS DeliveryYes after approvalYes
Time24*7, no time limitOnly from 9am to 9 pm
Can use own Customer Sender IDYesYes
Import Bulk Contacts from list and QRYesYes


Difference between quick transactional and transactional SMS

FeaturesQuick transactional SMSTransactional SMS
For numbersBoth for DND and Non DNDBoth for DND and Non DND
SMS approvalRequiredNot Required
Document SubmissionNot RequiredRequired
Instant SMS deliveryYes after approvalYes
Time24*7, no time limit24*7, no time limit
Can use own Sender IDYesYes
Import Bulk contacts from list and QRYesYes
Editing permittedNoYes


How to use quick transactional SMS?

This is a very useful feature in the quick transactional route. This feature is named as variable. In this, you can add variables from 5 to 30 characters.  It is a unique digit number. The value in the variable can be changed by the user. It will help you a lot at the time of sending same message with little variation to each user. Let us check out how to use this feature.

  • First step is to login to our website Fast2SMS.
  • Secondly in the dashboard click on Bulk SMS, in the left menu bar. Then select Quick transactional button in the top.

  • Thirdly after typing your Sender Id and mobile number, click on the message box and type the message.

how to send SMS using quick transactional route?

  • Fourth step is to click on the submit button at the bottom of the page. After clicking submit a dialog box will appear as below. Click on done. After approval the message will be sent. Note that the approval might take 12-24 working hours.

  • If the template gets approved, an SMS will appear on your mobile as shown below:

Approved template quick transactional in Fast2SMS

  • Now reload Fast2SMS, the following screen will be shown. All the approved quick templates will be displayed on the right hand side. Select the template and then drag and drop it in the message box.

How to send SMS using quick transactional route?

  • Drag the template and drop it in the message box.

how to send quick transactional SMS?

  • Finally the message is now ready to be sent. Press send.

how to send SMS in quick transactional route?

  • Now a confirmation dialog box will appear. It has all the details like total characters, numbers, SMS etc. Click on confirm.

how to use quick transactional SMS?

  • After clicking confirm, a green box will be displayed on the right side of the screen . It shows that the message is sent successfully. You can check delivery report after some time.

how to send SMS in quick transactional route?



Process of using Quick transactional for OTP

  • Suppose you want to send an OTP to a number. Simply login to our website Fast2SMSAfter login dashboard of Fast2SMS will appear. Click on Bulk SMS which is on the left menu bar. Then 3 tabs will get opened on the top of the page. Select the quick transactional button in the middle. A text box will be displayed to type the message. As soon as you will write text in the box, in the right hand side, Add variables option will be shown. Type your text example “Your OTP is ” then select the variable you wish to add depending upon your requirement by clicking the + sign. If you want 5 characters then select #AA#, if you want 10 characters then select #BB# and so on. The image below clearly depicts the process.

  • After clicking the submit button the following message will appear.

  • Now if the message gets approved it will be displayed in your mobile as shown below. The approval can take 12-24 hours and once it gets approved you can send the message template to DND and non DND numbers.


  • Secondly, we can also send messages like invitation for party etc that are not promotional messages, otherwise they will be rejected. We just have to type the message in the text box and click on submit. If found suitable the message will be approved by Fast2SMS team and then you can send the exact message without editing.




How to integrate API with quick transactional route?

API or Application Programming Interface is a set of rules and specifications through which software programs communicate with each other. Basically the use of API is that it sends different message for everyone not manually but automatically.

Why we use API?

API is used when we have to send large number of messages to different users at different locations. It is not possible to manually send messages to each user. We can take the example of an e-commerce website.  In this you have to daily send messages for order confirmation alerts, shipment details, tracking ID etc. These messages cannot be sent manually. For this purpose we use API. Through API we can send messages automatically to a large set of customers.


Fast2SMS provides a hassle-free method of sending API

Below is the process to integrate API with quick transactional route-

  • Login to Fast2SMS. Select the quick transactional tab.
  • Select the Sender ID
  • Select the mobile number
  • Type the message in the message box.
  • Click on submit.
  • Select the Dev API option from the left side bar.
  • Copy the API authorization key as shown below.

  • Go to the read API documentation.
  • In the Quick Transactional List, click on the Get Method.
  • https://www.fast2sms.com/dev/quick-templates?authorization=YOUR_API_KEY
  • Open the above link and after authorization, type your API key which you have copied previously.
  • Here, your template id is 272, 273, 289, 299 respectively.
  • Then in the Quick Transactional SMS option, click on the Post Method.
  • Type your API key in the authorization.
  • Sender ID is Fast2SMS. Message is your template ID. Then language is English. Route is qt. QT stands for quick transactional route. After this type the numbers you wish to send separated by comma. Then select the variables and add values respectively separated by pipe(|).


Let us understand this with an example:

In the above example

“sender_id” is FSTSMS (It is the sender ID of Fast2SMS). Provide your custom Sender ID from which sms will be send. You can use FSTSMS as your default Sender ID.

“message” is your template ID that is 272 in this example.

“language” is that language in which you want to send the message. You can choose between two languages English or Unicode. Default language is English if you wish to send SMS in any other language then English use Unicode.

“route” is qt means quick transactional route.

“number” is the number in which the message is to be sent Here the number is 9999999999.  You can send multiple mobile numbers also separated by comma.

“variable” is the code which we have added before. In this case it is #AA#. You can add more variables separated by pipe(|).

“variable_value” is the value we are assigning to the variable. It is 12345 here.

Now when the message reaches the DND and Non DND customer,  it will be shown as below:

This is the process of integrating API with quick transactional route. Fast2SMS provide powerful and robust APIs to send Promotional, Transactional & Quick Transactional SMS. Our main motive is  the convenience of our users. Keeping this in mind we have built a platform which is convenient and user- friendly. As far as deliverability is concerned you can expect 100% instant delivery.

Note : If you don’t want to get approval of each template and want to apply for transactional route click here.

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