What is SMS Sender ID & How To Create?

SMS Sender ID is your unique 6 character name from which message is sent. For example, when you receive a SMS from bank then their name is mentioned like HDFBK, ATMSBI. Similarly, you can create your own or your business sender ID, so that your users/customer know you with unique name. Sender ID is widely used in Bulk SMS Service.

Example of Sender ID:

What is SMS Sender ID & How To Create



To create Sender ID, follow below steps:

1. Login in Fast2SMS

2. Click on Sender ID field

3. And then click on button “ADD NEW”

How to create sender Id in Fast2SMS


4. After selecting the tab, a dialog box will pop up. Press the ‘I agree terms and conditions’ button.



5. After clicking another dialog box will get opened asking for selecting a plan. You can choose according to your own preference. It is also mentioned here that Sender ID should be of maximum 6 characters not more than that. The team will approve your Sender ID and this process might take 48 hours. If your Sender ID is not approved then the money will be refunded. Select the plan which suits you and then press next.

Sender ID new plans


6. After this a dialog box will appear again asking for Sender ID name and purpose, fill the details and then click on Submit button. Here we have taken the example of St.Joseph’s School. Your Sender ID name can be anything related to your business/organization etc. Enter the name and purpose for which you want to create a Sender ID.

Sender ID plan


7. Now the following message will appear on your screen.

Sender ID approval pending


8. Next when the request for Sender ID is received by Fast2SMS team, a message will appear on your registered mobile number as follows. The approval might take 48 hours.



9. When the request gets approved it will be shown as below :




To renew Sender ID, follow below steps:

  1. In Sender ID section click on “View All” button

To renew Sender ID, follow below steps


2. Select Sender ID which you want to renew and then click on “Renew” button

renew sender idhttps://www.fast2sms.com/help/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Try-Fast2SMS-service.jpg

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