Using API for transactional and promotional SMS

API or Application Programming Interface is a set of rules and specifications through which software programs communicate with each other. Basically the use of API is that it sends different message for everyone not manually but automatically.

Why we use API?

API is used when we have to send large number of messages to different users at different locations. It is not possible to manually send messages to each user. We can take the example of an e-commerce website.  In this you have to daily send messages for order confirmation alerts, shipment details, tracking ID etc. These messages cannot be sent manually. For this purpose we use API. Through API we can send messages automatically to a large set of customers.


How to integrate API with transactional and promotional route?

1. Login to Fast2SMS.

2. Select Dev API from the left side and copy the authorization key.

3. Click on

4. Click on Post Method.

5. Type your API key in the authorization. Here we are going to describe for both transactional and promotional SMS. In this example you need write your sender ID, type your message, write the language, if you are sending SMS using promotional route you need to write ‘p’ and then type the numbers separated by comma.

API for promotional message

6. In the same way, you can send transactional SMS through API. Here in the ‘route’ you need to write ‘t’ which stands for transaction route. This is the only difference. Rest the process is same for both the routes.

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