5 Mistakes to avoid while sending Bulk SMS in 2020



5 Mistakes to avoid while sending Bulk SMS

  • Lack of awareness regarding target group: Before conducting an SMS Marketing campaign, it is vital to select your target group to which you want to send SMS. Generally, business owners don’t focus on the segmentation and send the same message to every person without understanding the customers’ requirements. In order to make the campaign a success, it is necessary to distribute the customers into different groups, study their preference, likes, purchase history and then send messages based on the selected criteria.
  • Not creating an appealing text: A message text should be interesting to read and it should have the ability to persuade the clients and entice them to take instant action. A short, concise, interesting text has high response chances than a lengthy and boring text. Presentation style matters a lot in grabbing customers’ attention. To give it a personalized touch, you can address your clients’ with their names and make them feel special by sending exclusive discounts, offers. These small steps can create a great impact on your brand visibility.
  • Not including CTA: Call to Action or CTA are useful phrases to catch the readers’ attention and invite immediate response. Some of the common phrases used in CTAs are Buy Now, Visit us today, Call us now, Last date of sale, etc. A message is incomplete without a proper and well-defined Call to Action. Absence of CTA might confuse your buyers as they don’t know what to do next if they are interested in the product or service. So, make sure to include CTA to drive traffic.
  • Sending SMS at inappropriate timings: You might lose customers if you are sending SMS at odd hours. It is imperative to identify the right time frame of sending SMS to your target audience. Avoid sending SMS at late nights, early mornings and also make sure that you are not sending too many messages at a particular point of time. Frequency of sending texts and timings play a key role in building a strong customer base.
  • Sending SMS without consent: Customers are the kings of every business. In order to build your brand image and increase footfalls, it is extremely necessary to send SMS only when your customers have given the permission to receive texts from your brand. Business owners sometimes make the mistake of sending SMS without obtaining client’s consent which may annoy the clients and might also tarnish the reputation of your brand.


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