Bulk SMS Price In Fast2SMS

How To Add Money in Fast2SMS Account

1. Login in Fast2SMS.com   2. After login click on "Add Credit"

Add credit in Fast2SMS

Bulk SMS Price in Fast2SMS

You can start sending SMS from ₹100 and if your SMS volume requirement is high,
then you can send per SMS in ₹0.15 (which is lowest in SMS industry).
Per SMS cost depends on amount value, below table help you to understand:

Amount Per SMS Cost Per SMS Cost Validity
100  to  3999 ₹ 0.23 Unlimited
4000  to  7999 ₹ 0.21 + 6 Months
8000  to  13999 ₹ 0.19 + 6 Months
14000  to  59999 ₹ 0.17 + 12 Months
60000 or more. ₹ 0.15 + 12 Months

Example case:

If amount is in between ₹4000 to ₹7999 then per SMS cost will be ₹0.21 and that per SMS cost
will be active till next six months. Which means for next six months you can send any type of SMS
(Promotional, Transactional, OTP, API, DLT) from Fast2SMS system at ₹0.21/SMS
(check below image for more details).

Per SMS cost in Fast2SMS

Amount: Amount which will get added in your Fast2SMS wallet.

Estimated SMS Volume: Approx number of SMS which you will get after transaction

Per SMS Cost: Each SMS price, which depends on transaction value (default per SMS cost is ₹0.23)

Per SMS Cost Validity: Date after which per SMS cost will expire and will change to ₹0.23 (with remaining wallet balance)

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