What is Bulk SMS Business?

What is Bulk SMS Business? Bulk SMS Business is the transmission of information via SMS to large number of recipients at once. It is widely used by big and small enterprises, industries and various other sectors. Bulk SMS is the only tool which reaches the customer directly and is a cost effective method of promoting products and services.

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Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Advantages of Bulk SMS 

  • Open rate of 98% – Bulk SMS has the highest open rate of 98%. It is read within 3 minutes of delivery. As mobile is carried by a person 24*7, the best way to connect with a customer is via SMS.
  • High response rate – Bulk SMS has a good response rate as it is short, concise way of communicating information to prospective buyers. Hence it is more likely that a person will read it and take further action.
  • No filters – The biggest advantage of using bulk SMS is that information reaches straight away in the inbox of the recipient’ mobile. There are no filters as in case of email where there is a risk of it going to spam or other folders.
  • Fastest way to reach clients – Bulk SMS is the only tool which reaches the client in the fastest way possible. As it is delivered within few seconds, this makes it an ideal choice for every industry.
  • Internet connection not needed – One of the reasons why bulk SMS is preferred over any other tool is that it doesn’t need internet connection to view the message. Every mobile device is compatible of receiving and sending messages hence it is the favorite tool among the marketers.


Bulk SMS Service is the need of the hour. As the information is conveyed in the fastest way without incurring heavy expenditure, it is considered as the best way to reach clients. Bulk SMS Business is delivering information in the quickest manner and establishing mutually rewarding relation with clients. Take the services of Fast2SMS, a recognized and trustworthy bulk SMS provider and get connected with your clients effortlessly.