How to use bulk SMS marketing to increase your traffic?

Bulk SMS marketing provides you with a plethora of opportunities for marketing and advertising purposes. If you use it in the correct way you will find that your leads and conversion rates are increasing, your profits are maximizing thereby leading to more sales and satisfied customers. When used in an appropriate manner you will get results far beyond your expectations.

Now you might be wondering how to use Bulk SMS to diversify your traffic. In this article we will go into the depth of increasing traffic via bulk SMS marketing. So continue reading it.


Why SMS marketing is important for diversifying traffic?

1. You can reach out to clients in an inexpensive way. The cost of a bulk SMS campaign is quite cheaper than the other forms of advertising.

2. As mobile is carried by everyone at all times, it makes it the best option of promoting your business.

3. Bulk SMS marketing serves as the most viable option for advertising campaigns as you can make your SMS customized according to your target audience.

4. SMS marketing can also be used to send Unicode messages in your native language.


How to use bulk SMS marketing to diversify your traffic?

1. Firstly before starting your SMS campaign, you need to identify the target audience for your brand. There can be difference in the target groups based on age, gender,demographic location, etc. Suppose you have a toy industry then children will be your target group. Similarly if you have a jewellery business then women will be your target group. Identifying the target audience helps a lot for sending customized messages and saves time.

2. Take the services of a bulk SMS service provider. You can choose the services of Fast2SMS as it is the leading and most trusted bulk SMS service provider.

3. Send SMS to only those people who have opt-in to receive messages from you. Nobody like spammers.

4. Design your message in such a way that it is catchy, short, clear and interesting to read.

5. Include only 160 characters in one SMS not more than that. As the customer might get bored reading long messages, send them to the point, clear SMS. This increases the response rate and readability.

6. Don’t forget to include call to action such as “buy now”, “visit us today”, etc. This makes the SMS more appealing.

7. Always mention your brand name in the SMS. Without the brand name SMS will be incomplete and the whole purpose of sending SMS will be defeated.

These were the steps of using bulk SMS for diversifying your traffic. Always remember to monitor the results of the SMS campaign. Monitoring the results will show how effective the campaign was. And it also reveals what are the steps you have to take in future to make the SMS campaign even more effective. Keeping a track of your bulk SMS campaign will give you accurate results.

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