Why bulk SMS promotion is necessary for all types of business?

The invention of mobile phones has brought a 360 degree shift in the field of advertising and promotion. Bulk SMS has become an inseparable part of every mobile marketing campaign. Earlier the focal point of promotion was using print adds, TV adds, brochures, pamphlets, etc in which huge sum of money would be invested.

But now with the advent of mobiles, bulk SMS is becoming one of the most used tools to achieve success in this competitive environment.

We live in the era of modernization where there is cut throat competition in every field. In this crucial scenario SMS marketing gives a huge sigh of relief.

SMS marketing is the best strategy any business can adopt to achieve success in today’s global world. Almost every business uses the powerful SMS marketing for building a strong connection with the existing customers and prospective clients. Text messaging will definitely help your business thrive. According to recent surveys people read text messages within 3 minutes of delivery. It depicts that SMS serves an excellent tool for promoting your business. It is the fastest medium to reach our audience.


Why bulk SMS promotion is necessary for all types of business?

Bulk SMS service is used by consumer brands, enterprises, financial institutions, retailers, e-commerce portals, airline industry, travel agencies, media houses and many more. It is used by all kinds of business. Big brands like Coke, Walmart, Samsung, Mc Donald’s, Amazon use the services of a bulk SMS service provider company. The main advantages of bulk SMS promotion are :

1. It helps you reach a large set of audience – Bulk SMS is the fastest medium to reach the intended audience. Large set of people can be reached quickly within seconds. Not only big brands but SMEs are also using bulk SMS services to reach the desired audience. Few years ago email marketing strategy was practiced a lot by the business owners. But the open rate of an email is very low and very few people open the mail and read it. So email marketing techniques faded with time. And now it is hardly used. Nowadays bulk SMS services are flourishing and getting popular among all businesses.

2. Good for mobile marketing campaigns – Bulk SMS marketing services can work as an effective tool for carrying out promotional campaigns and make the customer attached to your brand. You can engage your customers by organizing different contests and quizzes through SMS. You can also distribute coupons and announce the winners through SMS. Such type of practices will make your customer stick to your brand.

3. Helps in tracking the overall management – Bulk SMS helps to keep a track of overall management. Example in schools where there is so much need for conveying information from time to time, bulk SMS proves as a boon. You can inform the parents about their child’s behavior and progress through SMS. Attendance can also managed successfully via SMS. You can send parents meeting messages to the parents, inform about admission date, exam date, time table etc. Thus it helps to keep a track and provides a better administration. In every business importance of bulk SMS promotion cannot be overlooked. Even it is used extensively in hotels, hospitals, corporate houses, etc.

4. Instant connection at minimal cost – No other promotional tool has the power to capture the attention of the reader as the SMS. It provides an instant connection with your audience and it is a cost effective solution for all your bulk SMS needs. A mobile phone is carried by all at all times. So as soon a message notification sound comes on the phone, its our natural habit that we instantly open and read it. Also there is no need of having an internet connection to open it. It serves as the budget friendly medium of communicating with customers.

Thus we can say that there is no limit to the uses of bulk SMS. It can be used by anyone at anytime irrespective of the size of business. Ideally it should be incorporated by all types of businesses whether a startup or a large scale business. It gives your marketing campaign a boost and it is a one stop solution for all your business needs. Experience it and then make a decision.

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