Bulk SMS Service Provider In Bathinda, Punjab

Fast2SMS is a famous bulk SMS service provider in Bathinda, Punjab. Bulk SMS Service has revolutionized the advertising strategies which businesses are adopting. The main benefit of implementing bulk SMS into a marketing strategy is that it is a cost effective medium of promotion and you can reach to your target audience in just a fraction of seconds. If you wish to reach your customers at the earliest then bulk SMS is the finest solution for you.


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Bulk SMS Service in Bathinda


Bathinda is a city in the southern part of Punjab. It is one of the oldest cities in Punjab and is home to Central University of Punjab, thermal plants – Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant and Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant. The city also has a fertilizer plant, a large oil refinery, two cement plants (Ambuja Cements and Ultra Tech Cement Limited), a large army cantonment, an air force station and a historic Qila Mubarak Fort. Bathinda has one of the largest food grain and cotton markets in northern India.

Booming a business with bulk SMS marketing is an easy and simple method to connect with your audience in just a few clicks. As large part of Indian population has access to mobile phones, bulk SMS provides the most direct platform to increase online presence of a brand and increase engagement rates. It also gives us the option to customize the message according to our requirements and schedule the delivery of a particular SMS. If your contact lists is huge, you can even add contacts using CSV file.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bathinda


Benefits of using Bulk SMS Service in Bathinda

  • Time saving tool : Bulk SMS is the easiest method of delivering information to prospective clients. You can start sending bulk SMS directly from your own platform in a hassle free manner.
  • Affordable tool : It is the most reasonable channel of communication than all the conventional forms of marketing.
  • Works for every Industry : No matter which industry or business you are in, bulk SMS is a one stop solution for all your requirements.
  • Better customer engagement : It provides value to customers by delivering information quickly and adds a personalized touch to your brand.


Bulk SMS Service has become the leading marketing tool incorporated by all kinds of businesses. Both startups and big business corporations are reaping the benefits of utilizing bulk SMS. There are plenty of benefits of implementing SMS service into our business. It is the best tool for building connectivity, credibility and increasing brand awareness. Choose Fast2SMS as your bulk SMS provider in Bathinda and communicate with your target group instantly. Boost your business growth, increase revenue and generate more leads using our best bulk SMS services. We provide a range of plans exactly suiting your needs. Sign up now and get access to exciting offers and new features.