Bulk SMS Service Provider In Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

Bulk SMS Service in Bhilai is a widely used channel for promoting a business and advertising a brand. It is incorporated by all kinds of businesses nowadays. Retail sector, banking industry, educational sector, corporate houses, hotel industry and many other businesses are reaping benefits from this perfect tool. If you need an affordable yet effective tool, Bulk SMS is the answer for you. Bulk SMS Service is an excellent tool to build connectivity with our target group without hiking up costs.


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Bulk SMS Service in Bhilai


Bhilai is the second largest city in Chhattisgarh after capital city Raipur. The city is quite famous for its chemical and steel industry. It is a home to Bhilai Steel Plant which is the first Indian plant to produce steel rails. Bhilai Steel plant is one of the leading manufacturers of iron and steel in Asia. Lots of businesses and other organizations in Bhilai are adopting Bulk SMS into their marketing campaigns.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bhilai


Reasons to invest in Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service is the need of the hour. Let’s look at some of the reasons to invest in this marketing platform. Some of the major findings according to Forbes are:

  • SMS message has 98% open rates whereas the open rate of an email is 22%.
  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.
  • On an average a person takes 90 minutes to respond to an email whereas only 90 seconds to response to a text message.
  • Brands using SMS successfully reach 95% of smartphone and non smartphone users.


All the above facts prove that SMS Service is the best medium to communicate with our customers. One of the biggest advantage of using text message is that SMS is not dependent on the internet connection in order to view the message. Text message cuts through the clutter to reach the target audience at the earliest. Any brand which has to deal with customer interaction on a regular basis and are looking for a cost effective solution to market their products should give Bulk SMS Marketing a try.

Integrate Bulk SMS Service in your marketing strategy and maximize the outreach. SMS Service is the most immediate and personalized channel to establish connection with your customers. It is a very effective instrument to retain existing clients and attract prospective customers. Fast2SMS is a popular Bulk SMS Provider in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Our robust technology, simple user interface and affordable pricing makes it stand out from the rest. We offer Bulk SMS at the lowest price in the industry. Bulk SMS Service is the only marketing tool that helps in boosting sales, enhancing productivity and generating leads. Foster loyalty and build strong bond with your clients by using Best Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS. Sign up now and start sending SMS instantly.