Bulk SMS Service Provider In Dombivli, Maharashtra

Bulk SMS Service in Dombivli is a favored marketing tool by all major enterprises and industries there. With the help of using SMS service, brands can create innovative marketing campaigns and attract more loyal set of customers. With 98% open rate SMS reaches the customers in the fastest way possible and helps in fostering better relations with our clients. Bulk SMS Service has given a whole new dimension to the manner in which marketing activities are conducted and has brought revolution in the field of advertising.


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Bulk SMS Service in Dombivli


Dombivli is a city in the Thane District of Maharashtra which is situated 48 km from Mumbai CST. It was built in 1886 and is one of the busiest stations on the Central line. It has a population of about 12,46, 381. It is the first fully literate town in Maharashtra and second in India. Dombivli is known for its rapid industrial growth having major dyes, chemicals, paints and heavy metal factories. Few of them are Gharda Chemicals, Vicco Labs, Lloyd Steel, and Deepak Fertilizers.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Dombivli


Importance of using Bulk SMS Service in Dombivli

  • Most direct channel : Bulk SMS Service reaches the clients immediately. It is a personalized channel of communicating desired information in just the click of a button. As per the findings of the researches 98% of messages are read and opened within 3 minutes of delivery. This can greatly help the brands to stimulate an immediate response from the customer.
  • Helps in increasing customer engagements : SMS Service is a convenient tool to remind customers about appointments, meetings, important events, etc. As people carry mobiles with them wherever they go, communicating through SMS is a great way to enhance brand value and cultivate lasting relationships.
  • Highest open rate : The average open rate of an SMS is triple to that of an email. As SMS is short and concise, you don’t have to worry about creating catchy subject lines as required in email marketing. SMS Service is the best medium of connecting and interacting with our target group as it is easy to use, reaches within seconds and gives us the maximum return on investment.
  • No spam filters : The main advantage of using Bulk SMS Service is that you don’t have to deal with messages reaching in the spam box. You don’t have to battle with these kinds of problems. It is the most accessible and effective tool to deliver information to users.


Bulk SMS Service in Dombivli, Maharashtra is a preferred marketing tool for every kind of industry and business. SMS Service is a time saving, cost-effective and reliable advertising platform for conveying vital information to clients. As mobile devices are increasing at an exponential rate, Bulk SMS Service has a growing potential over the coming years. Every business is incorporating Bulk SMS Service into their marketing strategy. It is effectively deployed by banks, e-commerce industries, event management companies, hotels and many other big and small businesses. Select Fast2SMS as your Bulk SMS Service Provider and send unlimited Bulk SMS directly from your own platform. You can also test our services. Register now at Fast2SMS and start sending Bulk SMS instantly.