Bulk SMS Service Provider In Durgapur, West Bengal

Bulk SMS Service in Durgapur is the first choice among industry owners to market their products. Bulk SMS is the most profitable channel as it gives us highest CTR over any other tool. It also has the highest open rates and is the only marketing medium which is user friendly and cost effective at the same time. Using Bulk SMS Service, you can build and grow your brand awareness and engage more clients.


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Bulk SMS Service in Durgapur


Durgapur is a city in West Bengal and is the third largest urban agglomeration in West Bengal after Kolkata and Asansol. It is the only city in Eastern India to have an operational dry dock. Bulk SMS Service will prove to be a productive and engaging advertising tool in Durgapur as it has a plethora of benefits. According to researches it is proved that SMS has the highest visibility rate and is read within 3 minutes of delivery. Thus incorporating it in your marketing campaign is very beneficial.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Durgapur


Benefits of implementing Bulk SMS Service in Durgapur

  • Easy Process : Bulk SMS Service is the easiest of all the available marketing tools these days. All you need to do register with a Bulk SMS Service Provider and you can start sending Bulk SMS therein. There are no complex procedures, tedious paperwork or unnecessary formalities. It is the simplest form of customer interaction.
  • Highly targeted and Personalized : Using Bulk SMS is convenient and hassle free.¬† As very limited personal details of a customer is required, it is easy to implement Bulk SMS Marketing. Also the messages are personalized and segmented based on different criteria. This makes Bulk SMS Service an ideal choice for every industry.
  • Cost effective medium : Bulk SMS Service is a reasonable and budget friendly tool to promote your products. It does not cost much as compared to other conventional tools like print media advertising, radio advertising, and other platforms.
  • Helps in Branding : SMS Service helps to reinforce the brand by sending offers, coupons, discounts in the SMS. You can leverage upon SMS and make best use of it. It is the most viable tool to create your brand presence, retain customers and attract more loyal set of customers.


Hence we can say that Bulk SMS Service is the best medium to nurture and foster relations with your clients and build a strong brand presence. These days where competition is at its peak, Bulk SMS Service has become the first choice for every industry. Boost sales, increase customer database and foster better connectivity by using the quality driven services of Fast2SMS. Fast2SMS is a renowned and reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Durgapur. Our mission is to make the messaging industry absolutely transparent and affordable for each and every user. We provide Best Bulk SMS Service at the lowest cost in the industry. Using our services, you can send Bulk SMS from Rs. 10 onwards. Take a leap of faith and start using our services. Sign up now and get access to all the exciting features and updates.