No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider In Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Bulk SMS Service in Gandhinagar is adopted by many industries and businesses to boost sales, increase connectivity and engage more clients. What exactly is Bulk SMS Service? Bulk SMS Service means sending promotional or transactional messages to your target audience in the fastest way possible. It has the highest open rate over any other marketing tool as 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of getting delivered. SMS Service is a great tool to enhance brand experience and advertise your products within a budget.


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Bulk SMS Service in Gandhinagar


Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat. It is situated about 23 km north of Ahmedabad and lies on the west bank of Sabarmati river. Parks, extensive planting and recreational area has been built along the river which give the city, a green garden city atmosphere. The population of Gandhinagar is 195,891 and the average literacy rate here is 77.11%. The beauty of Bulk SMS Marketing is that any business, regardless of its size and nature can use it to communicate with their target audience. It is the most affordable advertising tool which is gaining lot of popularity in Gandhinagar and many business groups are successfully incorporating Bulk SMS into their marketing campaigns.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Gandhinagar


In today’s mobile world, people check their mobiles constantly and it is within their arm’s reach all the time. Why not harness this channel to build a good rapport with our customers. Before starting an SMS campaign it is vital to know how to implement it successfully to derive maximum benefit out of it. Here we are going to discuss some do’s and don’ts of incorporating Bulk SMS Service.



  • Keep your message short and concise.
  • Write a proper call to action.
  • Create value to customers.
  • Engage your clients by writing interesting and relevant content.


  • Don’t send SMS at inappropriate timings.
  • Don’t write too long and irrelevant content.
  • Don’t send SMS without seeking customer’s permission.
  • Don’t send too many SMS to your clients.


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