Bulk SMS Service Provider In Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Fast2SMS is a leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Bulk SMS Service is the fastest and most affordable communication channel to reach out to our clients. On an average, a person checks their phone 85 times per day. This has opened the door for marketers to integrate Bulk SMS into their marketing strategies. We are aware that email goes unread for days, phone calls are not answered but SMS is the only tool which has the highest open rates. Bulk SMS has surpassed all the traditional marketing mediums and has become the favorite tool for every industry.


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Bulk SMS Service in Hoshiarpur


Hoshiarpur is a city in the Doaba region of Punjab. According to the census 2011, the population of Hoshiarpur was 168,443 and the literacy rate was 89.11%. Bordering Hoshiarpur is the Kangra district, and Una district of Himachal Pradesh in the northeast, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district, Jalandhar district, and Kapurthala district in the southwest and Gurdaspur district in the northwest.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hoshiarpur


Why Bulk SMS Service is better than Email Marketing?

Often people are in dilemma that which marketing channel should they prefer between Bulk SMS and Email. There are several reasons why Bulk SMS Service is better than Email Marketing. In the points below, you will find a comparative study between Bulk SMS and Email which will help you to decide which medium to choose.

  1. Instant reach – People carry their mobile phones with them wherever they go. So there are high chances of the message being read. Whereas the email remains unread for days. The open rate of SMS is 98% and that of an email is only 22%.
  2. High readability – More than 70% of emails are marked as spam. This filtration is not there in case of an SMS as SMS reaches directly in the mobile inbox. Hence the chances of ignoring SMS is very rare.
  3. Personalized – SMS gives a personalized touch to our branding. It helps us in connecting with our customers at a much deeper level and build an irreproachable reputation of our brand.
  4. Simple and effective – SMS Service is the easiest way to build rapport with the clients. In email marketing you have to craft lengthy emails with catchy headlines. SMS marketing is a far better choice than email marketing as you just have to create a concise text upto 160 characters and start sending SMS to your target group.


Hence we can conclude that Bulk SMS Service is a much better advertising tool than Email marketing and is gradually gaining an edge over all other promotional tools. Start using Bulk SMS Service in Hoshiarpur and connect with thousands of clients in a single click. Select the Best Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS and take your advertising to the next level. Our robust gateway, affordable pricing and accurate delivery reports will make your messaging experience more fruitful. Sign up now and start accessing our quality driven service at completely affordable rates.