Bulk SMS Service Provider In Mohali, Punjab

Bulk SMS Service in Mohali is becoming the most preferred tool among brands to generate more conversion rates and establish a brand presence. SMS Service has revolutionized the way we conduct our business and communicate with our prospective clients. It is an ideal medium to strengthen the foundation of our business. With the advent of Bulk SMS Service in India, all other conventional forms of advertising have lost significance. As marketing through text messages is the simplest form of communicating with our target audience, every industry or organization is implementing it into their marketing campaigns.


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Bulk SMS Service in Mohali


Mohali is a city in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar district in Punjab. It is an important city in Punjab and emerging as the IT hub of the state. According to the Census 2011, the population of Mohali was 176,170. It has a large number of sporting venues comprising cricket stadium, hockey stadium, indoor stadiums, golf course and is gradually emerging as the sports hub of Punjab.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Mohali


Why Bulk SMS Service is better than traditional marketing methods?

As compared to traditional marketing tools like billboards, newspaper advertising, email marketing, Bulk SMS is a cost effective and convenient advertising tool. Some of the reasons why it is more beneficial are given below:

  • Affordable than traditional advertising tools – Bulk SMS is quite affordable than the conventional marketing tools. In addition to the primary costs, other expenses are also involved in conventional marketing mediums like printing cost, space, production costs, while there are no such expenses in Bulk SMS Marketing.
  • Instant connectivity with client – One of the biggest advantage of using Bulk SMS which is not there in other marketing mediums is the ability to reach clients instantly. It helps in building instant connectivity with our target group.
  • Measurable tool – You can easily check the effectiveness of your Bulk SMS campaign. The details of the SMS sent, URL visited are clearly available within the panel. In this way one can easily monitor the progress of their SMS campaigns and derive maximum benefits out of it.


Thus, we can say that Bulk SMS Service is more impactful and efficient advertising tool than the traditional promotional channels. Bulk SMS Service in Mohali, Punjab is gaining lot of popularity nowadays and is being incorporated by all kinds of businesses and industries. Fast2SMS is a reliable and reputed Bulk SMS Service Provider in Mohali. Choose the Best Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS in Mohali and reach your customers in no time. Our robust gateway, transparent pricing and easy user interface allows you to send SMS at the fastest speed with real time delivery status. Sign up now and start sending SMS to your target customers instantly.