Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Surat, Gujarat

Bulk SMS Service in Surat, Gujarat is a trending marketing tool used by businesses to communicate with their target audience. As there is a significant increase in the number of mobile phone users, the demand for Bulk SMS Service is rising rapidly. Regardless of the nature and size of your business, Bulk SMS can be integrated by any kind of business or industry. It is the most fruitful advertising tool a business can keep in their arsenal. Choose the Best Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS and maximize your brand outreach. Fast2SMS offers you a plethora of features to skyrocket your sales and deepen your connection with your clients.


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Bulk SMS Service in Surat


Surat is a city in Gujarat and is located on the river Tapti, close to Arabian Sea. It is the 8th largest city in India. As per the study conducted by City Mayors Foundation, Surat was the world’s fastest growing city in 2016. Also in 2013, Surat was awarded the best city by the Annual Survey of India’s City Systems(ASICS). According to the Indian Ministry of urban development, Surat was the 4th cleanest city of India in 2017. It is also called as the Diamond City of India as it is a major hub of diamond cutting and polishing.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Surat


Advantages of incorporating Bulk SMS Service

  • Highest Open rate – On an average, 98% of SMS are read within 5 minutes of getting delivered. Whereas only 22% emails are read and mostly it remains unread for days. Thus we can say that SMS has the highest open rate and high readability rate in comparison to any other tool.
  • Highest conversion rates – Text messaging is a direct and more personalized way of connecting with our target audience. As per study conducted by Forbes, “Mobiles perform 4-5x better than online ads for key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness and purchase intent.” SMS messages have the capacity to reach the intended audience in just a fraction of seconds. It is the fastest medium and has the potential to generate highest conversion rates.
  • Most affordable tool – With the help of Bulk SMS Service, you can conduct your marketing campaigns in a hassle free way. The cost incurred in integrating Bulk SMS Service is very less than the other traditional forms of marketing. It is the safest, fastest and most reasonable medium to reach our clients.
  • Compatible with every mobile device – SMS feature is available in almost all types of mobiles. Thus, using Bulk SMS Service you can reach to a wider audience easily and effortlessly. As people carry mobiles with them wherever they go, connecting with them and advertising your brand becomes a lot easier.


Bulk SMS Service in Surat is in great demand and has become a popular tool for connecting with the target audience in just a fraction of seconds. As everyone has access to a mobile phone, Bulk SMS Service is becoming the primary choice among all industry owners. Also the cost of a Bulk SMS campaign is 1/10th of the amount invested in other traditional marketing mediums. Incorporate Bulk SMS and see the instant connectivity and rise in your customer database. Select Fast2SMS as your Bulk SMS Service Provider in Surat and start communicating with your target group just at the click of a button. Fast2SMS is a one stop solution for all your Bulk SMS needs. Sign up now and build your brand presence.