No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider In Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

Fast2SMS is the No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in Jammu. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, it has become one of the mostly used Bulk SMS Service Providers. Integrate our Bulk SMS Service into your marketing strategy and see an instant rise in your customer database. We provide Bulk SMS Service to schools, colleges, financial institutions, retail industry, advertising firms and many other businesses.


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Bulk SMS Service in Jammu


Jammu is the largest city in the Jammu division and is the winter capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir. As per the 2011 census, Jammu had a population of 502,197. The city has a large number of small industries and is the cultural and economic center of the Jammu division. It has a number of rice mills and also has manufacturing units which produce variety of goods such as carpets, electronic goods, electric goods, etc. Tourism is the major industry of Jammu and it attracts tourists from all over the world.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Jammu


Benefits of Bulk SMS Service

  • Most affordable advertising tool.
  • Has the ability to reach millions of clients in a single click.
  • Best tool for customer engagement.
  • The only tool which has the highest open rate of 98%.
  • Has the highest readability rate and response rate.
  • SMS campaign is measurable.
  • No need to have an internet connection to view a message, hence compatible with every mobile device.
  • Direct and personalized marketing tool.


Why Fast2SMS is the No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in Jammu?

Fast2SMS has unique features and robust gateway which makes it stand out from other Bulk SMS Service Providers. Some of the amazing features in Fast2SMS are:

  • QR Code – With the help of this code, you can send add contacts by just sharing a QR link which you can create from the Fast2SMS panel.
  • Quick Transactional route – This route enables us to send non promotional SMS on DND numbers. All you need to do is just submit your SMS template for approval and once approved, you can now send that SMS to DND and non DND numbers.
  • Unicode SMS – You can use the Unicode SMS feature to send message in any regional language.
  • Schedule SMS – With the help of this feature, you can schedule your messages for a future date and time.
  • Multimedia SMS – Now you can send attachments with the message using the Multimedia SMS feature.
  • Free SMS – Fast2SMS offers you to send 10 free SMS daily and also provides free credit once you sign up.


If you are tired of using all kinds of advertising tools but still not getting the desired results then switch to Bulk SMS. It is the most safe, reliable and fastest medium of delivering information. Choose the Best Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS and reach your clients at the earliest. Fast2SMS offers you unprecedented features and functionalities to take your marketing to the next level and maximize your sales. Sign up now and avail our excellent quality Bulk SMS Service in Jammu at the lowest price in the industry.