Why bulk SMS marketing is better than email marketing?

Sometimes it becomes confusing for a marketer to decide which form of marketing should be used while promotion and advertising. Now before getting into the answer let us first understand what is an email and bulk SMS marketing.

What is email marketing?

In email marketing we make the use of email to promote our products and services. Email marketing is the process of sending promotional or informational email to a potential or current customer. It is usually done with the sole purpose of increasing sales and conversion rates.

What is bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is the process of sending large number of SMS to different group of people at various locations. It is mostly used by banks for sending OTP, e-commerce portals for sending delivery receipts, invoice etc, and various other businesses to stay in touch with customers.


Why bulk SMS marketing is better than email marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is better than email marketing in a number of ways.

1. Higher response rate – Bulk SMS marketing has a higher response rate compared to that of an email. There is a risk of reaching spam folder in case of an email which is not there in SMS as it reaches directly in the inbox. You can keep a track of delivery status that when an SMS is sent and delivered. All the information is available at one place to check. In email it is very difficult to go through the delivery status as it involves lot of time and effort to have the information gathered at one place.

2. High readability – SMS definitely has a high readability than an email. People are interested to read an SMS as soon as the notification comes. This is a plus point of SMS marketing. But in case of an email people usually postpone it to read it later because generally an email is very lengthy to read. So it becomes unnoticed.

3. High Click Through Rate (CTR) – People generally have no time and patience to read an email as it is loaded with information and very lengthy. But the CTR of an SMS is very high as the SMS is short, clear and concise. Reading email is a very time consuming process and somewhat boring. Whereas the content of an SMS is such that it clearly depicts the information in a short and crisp way.

4. Simple form of communication – SMS is the most simple yet effective form of communication with the clients. It conveys the information in a clear and concise manner and is not at all complicated. SMS can be sent by any person without requiring any technical knowledge. It is the most easy way of establishing rapport with your clients.

5. Fastest means of communication – SMS reaches within seconds thus making it the fastest and easiest method of communicating. There is no need to have an internet connection to send an SMS. Also it saves a great deal of time and you need not worry about the expenses as it is a very affordable medium of transferring information. Bulk SMS has become a quick, cost effective platform for delivering information. Information is delivered at the speed of light.

Thus we can say that SMS marketing will get you more reach and engagement as compared to an email marketing. Try to incorporate creative strategies in your bulk SMS marketing campaign. If you choose bulk SMS marketing, your business will surely reach great heights. So start sending bulk SMS using the services of Fast2SMS, a leading name in the field of bulk SMS service provider. We have a database of 2 million registered happy users which are continuously increasing. Make sure to try our services and develop your branding.


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