Do’s and Don’ts of Bulk SMS Marketing




Bulk SMS Do’s

  • Create a short and concise text: Grabbing customer’s attention with a short text is much easier as compared to a long and lengthy text. A short message text is convenient to be read by the clients on-the-go. In order to boost readability, it is important to keep your messages short, concise and interesting to read.
  • Make your customers feel special: Establishing a personalized bond with your clients is absolutely necessary to build brand presence and stay ahead of your competitors. To make your customers loyal towards your brand, sending texts with special offers, birthday wishes, exclusive deals can create a mutually rewarding relation with clients and also have a greater impact on the profitability of your business.
  • Send SMS at appropriate timings: Timing is the key to a successful SMS Marketing strategy. Sending SMS at odd hours might create a negative impact of your business which can adversely affect the sales. Choosing the right time frame can help a business in reaching out to maximum number of people and generate potential leads in a short time span.


Bulk SMS Don’ts

  • Don’t forget a call to action: Call to action is a vital step in SMS crafting process. Without a clear call to action, SMS looks incomplete and fails to convey the required action to be performed by the customers. Make your campaign more focused and effective by including call to action which can be a website link, phone number or coupon code.
  • Don’t send too many SMS: Your customers’ time is precious. Avoid sending unnecessary SMS at frequent intervals. Creating value should be the prime focus of every business. Sending too many messages may annoy your clients and can also lead to client attrition.
  • Don’t focus only on advertising: Don’t just focus on the marketing messages meant for brand promotion. Instead, make a goal of adding value to your clients by providing good quality services. This can be done by sending free gifts coupons, useful tips and texting only relevant and beneficial information. Adopt the approach of treating your clients like your family and send texts that serve their best interests.


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