Gather customer feedback using Bulk SMS Service

Customer feedback is an important step in analyzing the improvements needed in your products, services and add more value in your service offering. In this competitive era, it is vital to build customer-centric strategies that can help a business in understanding consumer habits.



SMS surveys can serve as a reliable and efficient channel for collecting feedback and is the best tool for measuring customer satisfaction.


Advantages of using Bulk SMS for conducting surveys

  • Fastest medium: SMS gets delivered in just a fraction of seconds. The open rate of Bulk SMS is 98% which is the highest among all communication channels.
  • Building strong customer relations: Customers like to feel valued and important. Asking for their feedback and suggestions will make them more involved towards the brand thereby establishing loyalty among them.
  • Affordable: Finding customer reviews and responses via text messaging service is much more affordable and cost-effective than the traditional mediums.
  • Easy to incorporate: SMS enables the business owners to conduct evaluation and assessment of their products and services in an easy and effortless manner. Integrating SMS Service for survey collection is much effective and simpler than the conventional mediums.


Reasons of the growing popularity of Bulk SMS

  • SMS is compatible with every mobile device.
  • Internet availability is not needed to view an SMS.
  • It gets delivered in a few seconds.
  • Has the highest response rates.
  • Has the highest readability and open rates of 98%.
  • Cost-effective channel.
  • Provides wider connectivity across larger audience.


Using Bulk SMS Service, you can collect instant feedback from your clients and connect with them on the go. In today’s hectic schedules, survey collection via questionnaires and phone calls has become outdated and is no longer preferred by the entrepreneurs. If you are searching for a reliable and reasonable Service Provider then you can try the SMS Services of Fast2SMS. We help you in reaching your clients at the earliest without investing a huge sum of money. So, start gathering feedback using Text Messaging Service and continue to provide good quality services to your clients and customers.

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