Increase Brand Awareness using Bulk SMS Service

Building brand awareness is one of the primary goals of every organization. Having a unique presence plays a key role at the time of launching new products, services and encourages repeat purchases leading to exponential growth in the profits. Integrating Bulk SMS assists in creating brand recognition and product credibility at the fastest pace.



In order to survive in today’s competitive environment, a business entity must have a vision of building a long-term customer relationship and increasing client retention. Connecting with the clients instantly is vital for involving them with your brand and creating awareness about your products and services.

Using  is the best way to increase brand awareness and develop mutually rewarding relation with the target audience. SMS is the most efficient channel for establishing a real-time connectivity with the audience by transmitting crucial updates in just a click of a button. Almost everyone has access to a cell phone. With the help of SMS Marketing, any company or organisation can promote their brand, maximize conversion rates, drive sales in the shortest time span.


  • Customize: Send customized messages based on your customers’ shopping trends, purchase history and preferences. Customizing the messages greatly helps in developing involvement with the brand thereby generating repeat purchases.
  • Build credibility: Promote special offers to your loyal client-base. Sending exclusive offers to your premium clients makes them feel special and contributes a lot in building trustworthy relation with the brand. It is best to communicate about offers by addressing their names as it aids in cultivating loyalty among customers at a much faster pace.
  • Interesting text: Create an effective SMS text which is appealing to read. With just 160 characters, you can create a compelling text capable of persuading the clients to make purchases instantly. Always include a strong call-to-action such as a website link, a phone number, etc. It makes the text meaningful and provides direction for further action.
  • Group your audience: Segment your target groups of customers based on age, geographical location, gender, purchase history and send SMS catered to specific groups. This grouping adds value to your campaign thereby bringing valuable results in a short time duration.


Expand your market share by integrating . Harness the best quality SMS Services of Fast2SMS and build a solid customer base in a hassle-free way. Our robust features, instant customer support and affordable pricing has made us the most popular Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.

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