How to use Fast2SMS QR service for online lead collection?

A QR code also called as a quick response code is becoming very popular in the marketing and advertising field. The main benefit of using QR technology is that it stores the information in a very less space. These days this technology is largely used in web pages, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The QR code can be scanned by all types of smart phones like Android, iPhone or any other camera enabled smart phone. This makes it versatile and compatible with every device.

QR technology is a unique and one of a kind feature launched by Fast2SMS. Till now this service is not offered by any other bulk SMS service provider.

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Fast2SMS QR service for online lead collection?

QR code helps us to collect a database of our customers and the interesting thing to note here is that customer himself fills the data. It becomes easy for you to manage the whole database of our clients and that too in a hassle free way. Tracking and communicating with clients become a lot easier using the QR technology.

QR technology can be used in every field where you need to interact with clients and you have a customer centric business revolving around clients.

Example can be a tuition class. If you are a tuition teacher and willing to store the details of your students in a systematic way, then QR will work as a boon for you. Simply share the QR link with your students, they will fill their name and number and then the information gets stored and ready to be viewed and downloaded. You can then send SMS to your students notifying them about tests, results, exam dates and even fees dues. Information can be easily tracked and managed using the QR technology.

Similarly if you sell products, you can paste a link of QR code on your product packet. The customers will scan the code and all details of customer will be stored with you. Reminders can be sent to customers regarding offers, deals, user manuals, etc.

It can also be used if you are a blogger or have a youtube channel and you are interested to know the name and number of your subscribers. For this simply share the QR link with your subscribers. Once they fill the details and submit the form, all the details will be visible by you. You can even import the excel file and save it for future reference.

QR technology will work in every business which has to deal with clients. If you have a real estate business and you are searching for the name and number of prospective clients, simply share the QR link in the first page of your website. The prospective clients will fill the QR form and after submitting, the information gets automatically stored with you. You can even take a printout of the details for future reference.

By using the Fast2SMS QR feature, management of contacts becomes a lot easier. You don’t have to manually enter the details of each user. Just by sharing the link, and filling up the form, all contacts will be stored at one place. The ease and simplicity is what attracts everyone to use the QR technology. Use our bulk SMS service and explore tons of new features and functionalities.


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