What are the reasons behind a failed SMS?

Sometimes it happens that your SMS is failed to deliver. You can check the status of SMS in the delivery report section in Fast2SMS. The following image describes that the message is failed. It is shown as a red colored circle.

Deliver report of failed SMS

Reasons behind a failed SMS

  • Invalid number
  • Subscriber is not available at that time
  • Inbox memory is full or exceeded
  • SMS timeout after all retry
  • Network failed
  • Unidentified Subscriber, No response from the handset.
  • Number out of coverage area/ Switched Off.
  • The recipient cannot receive incoming messages.
  • Network or Protocol Failure other than the listed.
  • Short Message rejected by MS because of no memory capacity to store the messages.
  • Congestion Encountered at the visited MSC or the SGSN.
  • Recipient MS has no SMS subscription.
  • No allocated IMSI or directory number for the mobile subscriber in the HLR.
  • The PLMN has rejected the short message because the MS failed authentication.
  • All the retries from different operators have been made.


Note : Our system works on submission basis. Means as soon as you push the SMS from our system it will debit the SMS cost, now its on operators when they will deliver or mark that SMS as failed.

We don’t refund for failed SMS as operator also don’t refund us for the failed SMS.
If you’re sending SMS to DND numbers from Bulk SMS promotional route then we’ll not debit the charge for DND numbers & for Blocked Numbers.
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