Reasons to prefer SMS Marketing over Email Marketing in 2020

Business owners often face dilemma in selecting the right medium for their advertising campaigns. As there are plenty of marketing tools and techniques, choosing a viable tool becomes a challenging task.

SMS Marketing and Email Marketing are two of the most popular marketing channels in India. However, entrepreneurs sometimes get confused to integrate which tool between these two to obtain the highest return on investments.



Research has depicted that the open rates of SMS are 98% while that of Emails are 22%. Also, SMS has the highest response rates as a person takes only 90 seconds to respond to an SMS whereas 90 minutes to respond to an email.

The biggest advantage of conducting campaigns using SMS Marketing is that it can build an instant connection with the target audience and has the capacity to drive customer engagement at the fastest rates. Since SMS reaches the recipient’s mobile phone directly and is not dependent on internet availability, this tool has surpassed all other advertising mediums and has become the most reliable, efficient and profitable marketing tool.


Key Benefits of SMS Service

  • Cost-effective channel
  • Reaches in seconds
  • Easy to integrate
  • Allows connection with millions of clients at the same time
  • Offers maximum conversion rates
  • Provides direct connectivity


Leverage this powerful channel to build your brand presence and boost customer retention in the fastest pace. Choosing SMS over Email enables a business owner in catering to a wider audience thereby promoting your brand across a larger geographical area. Due to the enormous benefits of SMS Marketing, it has become an immensely popular tool among all kinds of industries.

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