Steps to send SMS from Dev API

1. Click on the Dev API section on the dashboard menu.





2. Select the Methods from GET or POST.

GET method will show as URL, and POST method will show as the JSON parameters.



method of dev API




3. Select Route as DLT SMS/ Quick SMS / OTP SMS / OTP voice calls /DLT Manual SMS .







If you are a DLT user then you can select DLT SMS route.

  • After selecting DLT SMS route, there will be tab for Sender ID and Content template.
  • In such tabs, your approved DLT sender ID (Header)and Message text (Content templates) will show.
  • You can select the Sender ID in tab, then your mapped Content template will show in content template tab in dropdown list.
  • If your templates contain some variables then there will be tabs for adding values in variables and it will show below the templates. You can add any test values in it.
  • Next, you can select flash option as YES or NO.
  • Next, you can move to next tab for adding mobile numbers.
  • After filling all details, your requested parameters will be shown on the right side of the panel. The content templates will be shown as 6-digit message_id.
  • Your multiple variable values will be separated with pipe sign “|”.
  • Your overall URL is now ready with your query parameters along with API details.
  • If you wish to get all message_id and URLs for the same at once, you can download the excel sheet as well which will show on selecting DLT SMS route.






 If you wish to send SMS without DLT SMS route, then you can select the Quick SMS route.

  • Select route as Quick SMS.
  • Enter your message.
  • Select Language as English or Unicode.
  • Select Flash SMS as Yes or NO.
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Your Query parameters and overall URL will be shown on right side of the panel. You can select such url and hit it to send SMS.
  • Message will be delivered with random sender ids, and per SMS



quick SMS dev API



4. In API KEY tab, you can find your Unique API and API docs for further reference.







5. In SECURITY tab, you can Enable security feature to whitelist your IP address as per your requirement. Also, you can check the IP details from which you are sending SMS. If not required, you can leave it disabled.





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