Why sender ID is of 6 characters?

Sender ID is the identity through which the message is sent. It is the name with which your outgoing SMS will be sent. For example, when any general SMS appears in our mobile, their name or number will be displayed. Similarly when the message arrives from a company or brand which has a registered Sender ID it looks like the image below:


In the above image FSTSMS is the Sender ID. It is the Sender ID of Fast2SMS. One of the main benefit of using a Sender ID is that it instantly builds a connection with the customer. It provides recognition and adds value to your brand name.


Why Sender ID is of 6 characters?

According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), the rules are,

  • Sender ID can only be of 6 alphabetical characters. eg, ID-FSTSMS. Here FSTSMS is the sender ID of Fast2SMS.
  • The first character of the prefix display the operator name. Here in ID-FSTSMS, the operator is Idea cellular.
  • The second character of the prefix display the location of the operator through which the message is received.

Click here for reading the terms and conditions for creating a new sender ID.

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