Why SMS Marketing is more profitable than Traditional Marketing?

Marketing is a crucial activity for publicizing products, services and building credibility in the marketplace. As business owners want quick and effective results in a short time period, traditional advertising tools such as print adds, bill boards, radio adds are no longer preferred by the entrepreneurs. The reason is that these marketing channels are quite expensive to integrate and fail to generate the expected return on the investments.



As we are living in a mobile era, where every person has access to a cell phone, using SMS Marketing can help a business in generating leads in the shortest time span. Bulk SMS Service enables business owners to establish a direct connection with the target audience and aids in brand recognition.


Reasons for the increasing demand of SMS Marketing

  • Easy to integrate
  • Offers the highest open rates
  • Reliable channel
  • Cost-effective
  • No dependency on internet availability
  • Personalized tool
  • Millions of SMS can be sent in a single click
  • SMS feature is compatible with every mobile device
  • Provides wider accessibility


Comparison of SMS Marketing with the Traditional Advertising channels

SMS vs Phone Calls: Business owners have understood the drawbacks of cold calling and are no longer integrating it into their marketing strategies. Communicating with people over call can sometimes be intrusive and it might be possible that you end-up annoying your customers. SMS has become the first choice for every industry as it provides a direct reach to the target group of customers without causing any disturbance.

SMS vs Emails: The open rates offered by Bulk SMS Service is much higher than that of Emails. Since text messages are delivered in just a fraction of seconds and does not require internet connectivity to view it, SMS offers the best engagement rates than any other channel. Also, there is a risk of emails landing in the spam folder, which is not there in case of Bulk SMS. All text messages are directly delivered to the mobile inbox of the recipient.

SMS vs Newspaper advertising: The costs incurred in promoting your brand via Newspaper advertising is much higher than the expenditure required for Bulk SMS Marketing. Since SMS gets delivered in the most personalized device that is the mobile phone, it has much higher readability than the other tools like newspaper, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

Bulk SMS Service is the most user-friendly, cost-effective marketing tool that has the capacity to generate maximum conversion rates. In these days of growing competition, SMS Marketing can help your business stand out from others and build goodwill of your organization.

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