Top 5 tips for SMS marketing

The number of mobile phone users in India is increasing at an exponential rate. More and more people prefer text messaging over calling. Texting or sending SMS is very popular due to its simplicity and compatibility with every mobile device. Bulk SMS marketing is a very innovative and affordable tool for your promotional campaigns. Whether a startup or a big establishment, anyone can take the advantage of it. When used properly, it enables us to reach the target audience easily and effortlessly.

Here in this article we will give you some tips on how you can make your bulk SMS marketing more effective:

1. Grouping your audience – Sending same message to every customer will not work. Segmenting the customers and then targeting the required group will work for sure. Bulk SMS marketing work wonders when you send the right message at the right time to the right people. What it means that don’t just bombard messages on customers mobile. Instead, send messages to customers who have opted in to receive messages from you. And send them relevant messages relating to their purchase history, gender, location etc. Don’t invade their privacy by sending them irrelevant and unimportant messages. Keep a database of regular customers and send them special offers, deals. This makes the bulk SMS marketing more effective.

2. Send SMS at appropriate time – While you are sending messages make sure to send them at the appropriate time. The main motive of an SMS is that it should be read. When the SMS reaches at an odd time, it disturbs the customer and they may get annoyed and are likely to opt out from your service. This ultimately leads to customer attrition and creates negative publicity of your brand which can even hamper the growth of your business.

3. Make the SMS clear and concise – Make sure that your message is to the point and interesting to read. Overloading of information can create a negative effect in your bulk SMS marketing. Keep the SMS length upto 160 characters, not more than that. The SMS should also have a call to action. For example:  “Flat 50% discount for first 10 callers at your favorite brand. Call now to avail this offer”. The SMS should be interesting as well as engaging. It should convey the required information briefly.

4. Offer value to customers – Customer will get involved when they feel valued. If you are successful in creating trust for your brand then results will flow naturally. You don’t need to create lengthy messages and promote your product. Keep the SMS brief and add details which the customer will be interested in. Add value to your SMS by giving them what they want. For example: If you are a skin care brand, you can send them a message regarding how to take care of your skin in summers, face packs for oily skin etc. All these things make your brand more trustworthy and it makes the customer loyal towards your brand.

5. Monitor and track your progress – Don’t forget to check the results of bulk SMS campaign. Keep a track of how fruitful your efforts were, what changes should be done to make the customers more engaged, what you can do further to improve. Without tracking your progress, all the efforts will get waste. Hence it is necessary to keep a continuous check that your bulk SMS marketing is going in which direction.

Bulk SMS service proves as a boon for your business and helps in retaining customers and boosting sales. So make sure to follow the above tips for creating a successful bulk SMS marketing campaign.

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