Who Uses Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is becoming the favorite tool for all businesses. The reasons are pretty simple. Since SMS is received on all mobile phones regardless of the internet connection, it has the highest open rate of 98%. Hence it is an ideal choice for every business who has to interact with customers on a daily basis. Now comes the question who uses Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is incorporated by all big multi national companies like Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Amazon and many others. Even small startups are preferring this mode for communicating with clients. As information is conveyed in just few seconds and reaches to a wide range of audience, it is the perfect and most suitable method for communication.

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the power of SMS marketing

Sectors in which Bulk SMS is commonly used

  • Bulk SMS for Banks – Banks need to communicate with clients frequently. Hence Bulk SMS seems to be the most preferred form of conveying crucial and urgent information. Information such as OTP, account balances, RBI updates, etc are shared by taking the help of a bulk SMS service provider.
  • Bulk SMS for Schools – School management also requires such a system in which information reaches at a fast speed and is not very costly to operate. Hence bulk SMS proves as boon for these educational institutions who wish to communicate and inform parents regarding their child’s performance, attendance, important dates of school activities, etc.
  • Bulk SMS for Real Estate – Gone are the days where traditional methods of marketing were used to connect with prospective buyers. Since traditional methods involve huge expenditure and also there are no definite results, bulk SMS is the best way to reach out to our potential buyers and convey property related information to them.
  • Bulk SMS for E-Commerce Industry¬† – E-Commerce sector is rapidly rising and growing at a great speed. With so many online shopping websites and large numbers of customers to handle, bulk SMS can prove as the best way to update the customer about their recent orders, delivery status, invoice, etc.
  • Bulk SMS for Hotels – Hotel industry is also implementing bulk SMS in their advertising strategy to build goodwill and increase brand recognition. Bulk SMS can surely help increase their market presence as it reaches the clients in the fastest manner.


Bulk SMS Service is in great demand as it has numerous advantages. Bulk SMS is used by almost all major industries and sectors. It is the best marketing tool available. Sign up now at Fast2SMS and start sending bulk SMS.