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We all know that good health is vital for the development of an individual. With increasing number of people becoming more conscious about their health, health care services are rising rapidly.

Bulk SMS for hospitals is widely used for different purposes like scheduling appointments, sending medical reports, collecting blood sample,conveying about organ donation etc. It provides better management of services between patients, hospital staff and doctors. Fast2SMS is a pioneer in the field of bulk SMS service. We provide bulk SMS for hospitals at a cost-effective price. Select our bulk SMS service and make the patients prioritize their health more than anything else.

Bulk SMS is the most affordable medium to communicate with a large set of audience. You can create a health awareness campaign and promote it using bulk SMS. There is no need to spend money on hoardings, TV adds, newspaper advertisement. Simple you can use the service of bulk SMS service provider and start promoting your campaign.

Bulk SMS for health care industry is also penetrating in India. There are many health care industries, health care hospitals which are working extensively to improve people's health and bring a change in their lifestyle. Health industry bulk SMS is gaining popularity with the passage of time.

Establishing a strong bond with patients is easy nowadays due to the advent of bulk SMS. With the help of bulk SMS marketing we can reach thousands of clients at a single click. Messages such as health care tips, diet tips, exercises for weight loss, etc can be sent to make the patients feel more connected. The main advantage of  bulk SMS is that it reaches within seconds and there is no need to have an internet connection to open it. Thus it is the ideal choice in case of any emergency. Bulk SMS for clinics is used extensively for conveying important information. Even for other medical emergencies bulk SMS is used such as bulk SMS for ambulance, bulk SMS for blood bank, bulk SMS for medical emergency, etc.

Doctors also organize several camps in the rural areas. Bulk SMS proves to be very effective in this regard. You can just type the message once and click on send, it reaches thousands of people. Therefore, it is the best option of advertising. Scheduling appointments has become a lot easier in bulk SMS. Fast2SMS offers you the facility of scheduling your SMS to be sent at a later date. This makes managing appointments an easy task. You don't have to manually type each message to every patient.

Some examples of bulk SMS for hospitals are:

  • Hi Soniya

"You appointment with Dr. Anita is scheduled on 25th April at 5 pm".

  • "We immediately need O positive blood group. Please contact on this number".

Thus if you own a hospital, health care center or clinic, visit Fast2SMS. We promise to deliver you the best services at affordable prices. Our unique and innovative features will surely be helpful in your advertising campaign.
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