Bulk SMS for OTP Service in India

What is OTP?

OTP or one time password is a process used by banks, companies, other forms of online payment where a password is sent to your registered mobile number. The password has a validity which means that you cannot use it for an extended time period. It is only for one transaction thereby it provides more security to your transactions.


Why OTP is required?

As technology is evolving day by day, people have increased the usage of internet banking, online transactions etc. There is a kind of risk involved in dealing with online payment mechanism. OTP SMS is used to avoid that risk and increase transaction safety. When the authentication is done by the system, your transaction gets completed in a fraction of seconds. It is also called as two factor authentication. These days fraudulent practices are very common phenomena. Hence OTP SMS service provides a solution to all these illegal activities like phishing, keyboard logging etc. OTP SMS is used by banks, e-commerce portals, payment gateways etc.


Why OTP proves to be the best medium for online transactions?

Bulk SMS for OTP is the first choice for distributing OTP. As SMS reaches within seconds and there is no need to have data pack to open it. It serves as the fastest medium for transferring OTP related information to mobile handsets. Also when bulk SMS is used for sending OTP it is a very cheap source of conveying confidential information. The mobile phone is carried by the users at all times. This makes it the perfect option for sending OTP. OTP service serves as a reliable and safest medium for transmitting crucial information. Use bulk SMS for OTP for dealing with your clients in a more secure way.


Why Fast2SMS is the best bulk SMS service provider for OTP?

Fast2SMS offers you the facility of sending bulk SMS for OTP. Our OTP SMS gateway gives you an extra layer of security for your transactions. We provide SMS OTP API integration as well. Fast2SMS is the most trusted OTP SMS provider. We believe in utmost transparency. Our plans and policies cater to the needs of everyone. Sending SMS is now at your finger tips. Sign Up now to avail the benefits of sending bulk SMS to your clients. Our robust technology makes it easy to send OTP Bulk SMS. You can even upload CSV file of your contacts, use the new QR feature launched by Fast2SMS. There are lot of functionalities specially designed for our dear users. So don’t forget to make use of it.

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