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Bulk SMS is process of sending SMS to large group of people at once. It is mainly intended for marketing and promotional purposes. It is an easy and affordable medium to reach out to the prospective clients. Bulk SMS for marketing purposes is rising at a rapid rate in India and other countries.

Marketing SMS should be designed in such a way that it attracts the customer and he or she becomes eager to know more about it. Example you can include call to action such as visit us, call this number, click here, etc so that the customer feels connected and engaged with your brand. Also the message should be clear, crisp and catchy. It increases the readability of the SMS.

Bulk SMS marketing is an efficient and effective platform to retain customers. These days SMS has become a popular tool for bulk SMS marketing. As an SMS has 98% open rate, it makes it the ideal choice for every marketer. In today's scenario of so much competition bulk SMS marketing provides with opportunities to interact with your clients and make them feel valued.

Using SMS for marketing has enormous benefits. First and foremost benefit is that it is a comparatively cheaper tool than other forms of advertising. Secondly it is the fastest medium of reaching out to our customers. Also the process is very easy to understand and not at all cumbersome. It is a proven fact that open rate and response rate of an SMS is far better than that of an email and other mediums. So all businesses whether startups or large scale establishments are effectively utilizing the services of bulk SMS for marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing can help all businesses irrespective of their size, nature of business and location. This makes the bulk SMS quite a lucrative option for promoting your business.

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