Send Bulk SMS Without DLT Registration in India

With the introduction of DLT registration for the Bulk SMS industry, numerous restrictions have been imposed for sending Bulk SMS in India. As per the latest TRAI regulations, a company needs to register on a DLT platform to send Bulk SMS. However, with the emergence of DLT regulations, communicating with customers has become challenging for a lot of businesses.


Taking care of our users' needs and helping them send SMS in a hassle-free way, Fast2SMS has introduced a new feature named as Quick SMS (ILDO Route) wherein you can send Bulk SMS without DLT registration.


Using Quick SMS, you can send SMS both to DND and Non DND numbers 24/7 without getting registered on the DLT SMS portal. Messages will be sent via a random numeric Sender ID automatically assigned by the operator. Fast2SMS will be transmitting the messages via a premium international delivery route at the fastest time span. You will get instant delivery reports of all your sent messages that can be viewed from the panel.

Note: Per SMS cost using the Quick SMS route will be Rs. 5.00 irrespective of your Fast2SMS SMS plan.   Fast2SMS signup now  

Advantages of Quick SMS

1. No hassle of DLT registration: The biggest advantage of Quick SMS route is that you don't need to go through the tedious process of DLT registration. No documentation formalities, no complex procedures, using Quick SMS route, you can send SMS to any number (DND and Non DND) without registering on the DLT portal.

2. No registration fee: DLT portals charge 5900 INR for registering your Business Entity on the DLT platform. Using Quick SMS feature, you can send SMS without depositing any kind of registration fees.

3. Time-saving: Quick SMS feature proves to be a boon at the time of transmitting urgent information. As the registration process on the DLT platform is time-consuming, there is a high possibility of delay in message delivery. With the help of Quick SMS feature, you can send SMS to DND and Non DND numbers instantly without any complicated SMS sending procedural formalities.

4. No DLT approval: As per the new TRAI guidelines, in order to send Bulk SMS to your customers, you need to complete the DLT registration steps, submit the registration and wait for its approval. Similarly, you need to submit your Headers, Consent template, Content template and wait for the approval. Using Quick SMS feature, you don't need approval at every step. Once you submit the message, the message text will be approved by our team and therein the SMS will be delivered to the intended recipient.

5. Easy process: The process of sending SMS via Quick SMS route is easy and fast. You don't need to submit Headers, Consent template, Content template on the DLT platform and wait for the approval. All you need to do is enter the mobile numbers on which you want to send SMS and type the message text. Your message will be approved by our team and once approved it gets directly sent to the specified contacts.

6. Send SMS to DND and Non DND numbers: Using this route, you can send SMS to both DND and Non DND numbers and convey information without any time constraints. You will be able to send Promotional SMS to Non DND numbers without submitting consent template. Also, delivery reports of every message sent will be visible directly on your panel.

7. Ideal for everyone: Submitting business registration documents is mandatory at the time of DLT registration. To send SMS from Quick SMS route, you don't need to submit company documents. Quick SMS is ideal for companies who are yet to complete their business registration and don't have certificate of incorporation. Thus, this route is suitable for everyone.


Process of sending Bulk SMS via Quick SMS feature

1. Login to your Fast2SMS panel. Once you login, your Fast2SMS panel will be displayed as shown in the image below. Select Quick SMS from the menu displayed at the left.Quick SMS

  2. Once you click on Quick SMS, the following screen will be displayed.Quick SMS dashboard  

3. In the mobile number field, enter the mobile numbers on which you want to send Bulk SMS.

Select Contact to send messages on previously saved numbers, Groups and QR Groups. Select List to type the numbers on the Mobile Number field.

Enter the message text in the Message field and click on Send.Click send button to send Quick SMS


4. A message preview and confirmation dialog box will appear on the screen as shown in the image below. Here, the complete details of the message sent will be visible such as cost per SMS, total characters, etc. Click on Confirm to send the message.Message preview confirmation


5. As shown in the image below, a message will appear on the left side of the screen. Your message will be sent for approval. Fast2SMS team will approve your message text and it will be immediately sent once it gets approved.

The approval process might take 3 - 12 working hours.Message will be sent after approval


6. You can check the delivery reports of the sent messages after some time from the Delivery Reports tab.

You can also send API message via Quick SMS route. Click on Dev API and select New API (DLT) tab.


  In the Route field, select Quick SMS to send API SMS via Quick SMS route. New API Quick SMS  

Sign up at Fast2SMS to send Bulk SMS without DLT registration. Reach your clients instantly and communicate with your customers without any restrictions.