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In this promotional content section, we have provided videos, images and key features related to the Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS. Affiliate user can use the following content for creating content for his blog, website, social media channel or YouTube video.

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About Fast2SMS:

Highlights of Fast2SMS service:

  • After signup, every user gets free SMS testing option. Our system adds free credit in every new user account.
  • Our system is very easy to use. Every section has dedicated video tutorials in Hindi and English language. A user can start sending SMS with just 10, there is no minimum SMS purchase limit (no other SMS providers are doing this).
  • Add contacts via QR and web link (no other SMS providers are doing this).
  • Very low price in comparison to other professional Bulk SMS providers. Users can send per SMS in 12 Paisa (based on SMS volume).
  • AI Algorithm For Failed SMS - which uses multiple operator routes to deliver SMS, which means that if one operator fails to deliver your SMS, then that SMS will get sent by a different route via our system automatically (no other SMS providers are doing this).
  • Our system can process thousands of SMS at a time. So, there is no delay in SMS delivery.
  • Full transparency in terms of SMS delivery reports. If your SMS did not get delivered, then our system will show the reason of why your SMS got failed (no other SMS providers are doing this).
  • Send SMS from Mobile App, via API and from excel file (using custom SMS).
  • Online chat support, average response time is 5 minutes.

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<a href="">Fast2SMS - Bulk SMS Service Provider In India</a>

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