Bulk SMS Service Provider In Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Bulk SMS Service in Allahabad is the first choice for every industry and sector. Allahabad has a very stable economy which comprises many sectors such as State and Central Government offices, education and research institutions, real estate, retail, banking, tourism and hospitality, agricultural based industries and manufacturing. The construction sector forms an important part in the city’s economy. Allahabad was officially named as Prayagraj since October 2018. Some of the major companies in this city are Reliance Industries, ITI Limited, BPCL, Food Corporation of India, Raymond Synthetics, HCL Technologies, etc.


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Bulk SMS Service in Allahabad


Sending SMS to your target audience is the most popular method of connecting and building credibility. Fast2SMS is the best bulk SMS service provider in the city Allahabad. To help businesses, organizations, institutes grow and prosper, it is vital to have a proper medium to convey information to prospective clients and create the awareness of your brand. Bulk SMS is the perfect tool for engaging clients, generating more leads, boosting productivity and better coordination.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Allahabad


Benefits of Bulk SMS Service in Allahabad

  • Bulk SMS plays an integral role in generating new businesses and attracting clients.
  • It is an affordable and effective tool of marketing and promoting a brand.
  • Most feasible tool of connecting with our target audience and communicating with them.
  • Important information like OTP, password, invoice, order details can be easily conveyed via SMS.
  • It is the only channel which has the direct reach and instant delivery.
  • Bulk SMS is best way to coordinate with our target group as it is the tool with maximum response rates.
  • Compatibility of SMS with every mobile device makes bulk SMS service an ideal choice for every business.


Choose the excellent quality services of Fast2SMS and skyrocket your business growth. Increase customer retention, attract more clients and promote your brand by incorporating our bulk SMS service. We have different plans and pricing to cater to the needs of every business and industry. We provide bulk SMS to educational institutions, banks, real estate, retail stores, corporates, event management companies and other businesses as well. We have a satisfied customer database of 2 million which is continuously growing with each day. You can even start your bulk SMS with Rs. 10 onwards. There are interesting functionalities like QR code, Quick transactional route, Multimedia SMS, Custom SMS and many other. We have recently introduced our Android app which is available to download from the Google Play Store. Sign up now to start using our bulk SMS service in Allahabad and get exciting deals and offers.