No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider In Ernakulam, Kerala

Fast2SMS is the No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ernakulam, Kerala. Our service is used by various financial institutes, schools, hotels, online businesses and many other organizations. Bulk SMS Service means sending permission based content as a means of promoting a brand. What makes Bulk SMS Service a powerful tool is that everyone has access to mobiles and SMS is read within 3 minutes of getting delivered. This makes it the best tool to connect and engage with our prospective customers.


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Bulk SMS Service in Ernakulam


Ernakulam is a district of Kerala and is known as the commercial capital of Kerala. It is quite famous for its temples, churches and mosques. It is the highest revenue yielding district in Kerala. It is the third most populous district in the state after Malappuram and Thiruvananthapuram. Ernakulam is the richest district in Kerala and has the highest GDP and per capita income. It contributes 41.74% of the total state revenue.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ernakulam


Why Fast2SMS is the No. 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ernakulam?

  • Free SMS for testing – We provide 10 Free SMS daily. You can test our service by sending Free SMS to your contacts. With this you can check our system’s working and delivery reports.
  • Affordable services¬†– Fast2SMS offers services at the lowest SMS price in the industry. Our services are completely genuine and affordable to use.
  • Simple user interface – Our panel is designed in such a way that there is no complexity in using our services. We have made every attempt to make our system user-friendly and comfortable to use.
  • QR CodeQR code is a feature in which your contact details get saved by your contacts themselves. You just have to share the QR link with your users and when they enter their name and number, all the details gets saved immediately. You can also download the file for keeping record or can even view it from the dashboard.
  • Quick transactional route – In the Quick Transactional route you can send transactional SMS on DND numbers without submitting company documents.
  • Multimedia SMS – Using Multimedia SMS feature, you can send files like jpg, pdf, mp3, zip and any other file.
  • Custom SMS – If you want to change the name field in the SMS and keep the remaining SMS same, you can do that using custom SMS. You can use the custom SMS feature to send unique variable value SMS to every user.


Having so many features and functionalities described above, Fast2SMS is the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ernakulam. In Fast2SMS, you can start sending Bulk SMS with Rs. 10 onwards. If your SMS requirement is less, you don’t need to invest a huge amount. We have customized plans which suits the needs of every company and organization. You can expect a high quality and affordable services from us. We ensure the quality of our services and provide real time and accurate delivery reports. Try incorporating Bulk SMS Service in Ernakulam¬†and see the instant rise in your customer database and overall productivity. Bulk SMS Service is the perfect channel to connect with your target group and increase your brand awareness. Sign up now at Fast2SMS and start sending unlimited Bulk SMS to your customers.