Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Karauli, Rajasthan

Fast2SMS is the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Karauli, Rajasthan. We provide Transactional, Promotional and OTP based SMS with real time delivery reports and tons of exciting features and functionalities. Catering to the needs of our users, we offer Bulk SMS Service starting with Rs. 10 onwards. We have plethora of plans suiting the requirements of every business. Our robust platform, nominal pricing and variety of features can take your marketing to the next level.


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Bulk SMS Service in Karauli


Karauli is a city in Rajasthan. According to the census 2011, the population of Karauli was 82,960. It has a subtropical dry climate with distinct weather, summer and monsoon. Some of the famous monuments in this city are Shri Mahavirji and Kaila Devi Temple. Shri Mahavirji is the pilgrimage of Jains and is located at the Hindaun Block in Karauli district. Kaila Devi Temple is situated on the banks of Kalisil river in Karauli district.


Bulk SMS Service Provider in Karauli


Types of Bulk SMS

  1. Transactional SMS – Transactional SMS is used for sending alerts, notifications, OTP and other crucial details to its registered numbers. These SMS can be sent 24*7, without any time limit. Messages in the transactional route should be non promotional and can be sent to both DND and non DND numbers. You need to submit the company documents for getting Transactional route approval. If you want to send SMS on DND numbers without submitting company documents then you can use the Quick Transactional route introduced by Fast2SMS. In this route document verification is not required. You just need to submit the template for approval. With this you can send non promotional SMS on both DND and non DND numbers even if you don’t have a company.
  2. Promotional SMS – Promotional SMS is intended for the purpose of marketing and are used for sending offers, sales and other marketing related messages. According to TRAI rules, promotional messages can be sent within the time range of 9 AM to 9 PM only. These SMS can only be sent to non DND numbers.


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