Bulk SMS With API India

Are you looking to send Bulk SMS with API in India, then your search comes to an end. Select the bulk SMS service of Fast2SMS and start sending API messages instantly. API or Application Programming Interface is a set of rules and specifications through which software programs communicate with each other. Basically API is used for sending different messages to everyone not manually but automatically. You can send SMS on automation by integrating it in your website.

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Send Bulk SMS for E-commerce-industry

Why to use API?

It is used when we have to send large number of messages to different users at different locations. In this case it will be very difficult if to send messages manually. The example for this can be E-Commerce Industry. E-Commerce Industry has to deal with large numbers of customers on a daily basis. Information such as Invoice details, order updates, billing details, shipment, etc needs to be communicated to the customers. This information cannot be shared manually. For this purpose we use API.

Click here to read our API Documentation.

Fast2SMS docs

We provide documentation in different languages like PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Node JS, etc. To start sending Bulk SMS using API, you need to have an Authorization key which you can get from your Fast2SMS account Dev API section. By default this key is enabled in your Fast2SMS account. Make sure that you have not disabled the Authorization key otherwise you will not be able to send SMS. You can also regenerate your API Key if somebody has its access so that it is not misused. If you get your API key regenerated then then you have to change this key on all previous API SMS otherwise they will not get send.

Next to API is the Security tab. Security tab is disabled on all Fast2SMS accounts by default. When you enable it, only the IP address added by you will hit the API. This adds more security in your panel as no other person will be able to misuse it even if they have your Authorization key. So if you want two-factor authentication and more safety, then enable the security tab.

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