Bulk SMS with Free Trial

Bulk SMS Services are becoming popular due to the fact that it has the highest open rate of 98%, high response rate and good conversion rates. It is also proven that bulk SMS has the highest readability rate as SMS is read within 3 minutes of getting delivered. Having so many advantages it is the most preferred choice for every industry. Take the bulk SMS services of Fast2SMS. We offer Bulk SMS with Free Trial. You can test the services before purchasing bulk SMS.

bulk sms service


multiple benefits of bulk SMS

Why you should use Bulk SMS with Free Trial?

  1. If you try before buying, then you can be sure of the quality of the services.
  2. You can check if the delivery is accurate and real time delivery reports are shown.
  3. You can check the overall working of the software.

Use Fast2SMS Services with Free Trial

You can test our services absolutely free, without spending a single penny. Use Coupon code FREE20 and you will get INR 20 credit for testing and sending free bulk SMS online in India. To redeem that coupon, visit ‘add money’ page in Fast2SMS and then add that coupon code. You can even verify your email and get free SMS for testing purposes. In addition to that you can send 10 free SMS daily.

Features in Fast2SMS

Bulk SMS service is the best marketing tool to increase your customer database and create your brand presence. Implement bulk SMS in your campaigns and help us create a difference in your customer service. Fast2SMS gives you a platform to communicate with your customers at the speed of light. Fast2SMS offers you excellent quality services at completely affordable rates. Use our services and connect with your target audience promptly. Test our services by sending bulk SMS with free trial.