How to give a name to your sender ID?

Sender ID name has to be of 6 alphabetical characters which represent your company, organization or brand. Sender ID should not match with personal names, celebrity names, general names, government agencies, etc.

Example, if you want to create a sender ID for a school, you cannot name your sender ID as ‘SCHOOL’. You can use the initials of your brand for creating a Sender ID. In this case if your school name is St. Joseph School, Bhopal, you can name your sender ID as SJSBPL or SJSCHL and so on.

Similarly if you have a hotel business and your hotel’s name is TajMahal, Hotel, you can name your sender ID as TAJMHL or TJMHAL or TMLHTL.

In this way you can create sender ID using your brand’s initials.

Please note that we accept and  permit only genuine company, organization, brand and product. Read our Sender ID terms and conditions here.

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