How Colleges can integrate Bulk SMS Service?

Technology plays a vital role to build a community among students, staff, and parents. As the number of students studying in the colleges and universities are increasing exponentially, colleges have a lot of data to circulate among all the students at short notices. Thus, the need of a speedy communication channel has arisen to have constant communication between the students and the staff. Hence, college administrators require a tool which can do this task in an effortless way. Communicating with students, conveying urgent information to them, and conversing with the staff has been made a lot easier by adopting Bulk SMS Service for Colleges. In this article, we will look into the benefits which can be acquired by implementing Bulk SMS Service and additionally we will also delve on how to actually start incorporating it. 



Why Bulk SMS Service is important for Colleges?

Bulk SMS is not just used by businesses. But even educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities can benefit immensely from it. It serves as an excellent channel which enables the college management to transmit crucial information to its students and converse with the internal staff to conduct administration activities steadily. Apart from it, colleges can leverage this channel for increasing their admissions and promoting their institute.

Tasks become streamlined, organization is better and overall management can be carried out in a much planned manner by utilizing SMS Service. These days every student has access to a mobile phone. Also SMS feature is compatible with every mobile device. Furthermore, it is the only channel which can reach to thousands and thousands of contacts in just a few seconds, thereby has the highest open rate of 98%. Hence, college administration is largely using Bulk SMS Service to establish connection with their students and convey them urgent notifications in an easy and hassle free way.


Bulk SMS Service Provider for Colleges


Ways in which colleges can implement SMS Service

In order to make the best use of SMS Service, we are providing you with tips and tricks to help you thrive and get the maximum results with Bulk SMS Service.


1. Sending Promotional SMS: If you want your college to be a well-known name in the city and increase the number of admissions then you can use this tool to advertise your college and create its brand.


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2. Send SMS for returning library books: SMS serves as a quick and efficient channel to send notifications as it reaches in just a fraction of seconds and has the highest readability rate. Library managing staff can send messages reminding students about the last date of returning the books, update about the library card expiry, etc.


Dear Prerna,
You are requested to return back all the library books before 21st July, 2019.


3. Event updates: The college sports club and literary society can send SMS about the inter college competitions, registration process details, list of selected candidates, and much more. Sending messages regarding events helps to engage the students and makes sure that nobody misses out the notification.


Dear Meenal,
Inter-college singing competition will be held on 15th August, 2019. Please register to participate. 


4. Informing about holiday: Urgent data can be circulated with ease using the powerful tool of SMS Messaging. If the college is closed due to weather conditions, petrol strike, or students need to be informed about the changes in the class timings, no other tool can take the place of SMS. As SMS is concise, compatible with every mobile device, efficient, and quick to reach, it has become a preferred medium for transmitting urgent information.


Dear Student,
Institute will remain closed today due to heavy rains.


5. Sending exam related notification: Often times, students get confused regarding their time table, syllabus, or result dates. SMS works best to deliver and update the students quickly and speedily.


Dear Student,
First Semester exams will commence from 1st July. Please collect your admit card from the office.


6. Conversing with parents: Parents can be informed about their child’s performance, attendance, parents meeting and other details simply by texting a short message. At times, it is not possible to call every parent and update them. In such a case, SMS proves a boon for quick and hassle free communication.


Dear Parent,
Your ward Rahul is not attending classes since one week. Please contact our Principal at the earliest.


Bulk SMS Service for Colleges


Why Fast2SMS is the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider for Colleges?

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