How to engage customers with SMS?

Increasing customers and retaining them is the most difficult task faced by any businessman. Almost every business evolves around customers. Customer is the king. Customers are considered to be the most valuable asset of any business. Customer satisfaction can be a bit challenging sometimes.

As we all know that in today’s world where brands compete with each other to succeed, customer retention has become difficult. So businesses starts using different promotional and marketing methods for reaching out to their clients. Among the different methods, Bulk SMS proves to be the most effective and efficient tool for branding and creating a personal touch with our customers. It serves as the best way to reach out to customers. So in order to make them loyal towards your brand and create mutually rewarding relationship, you need to take certain steps and follow some principles.


Here are some ways to build loyalty and engage customers with SMS

1. Collect customer database for record First you need to have a database of your customers. For that collect details such as name, number, email address, birthday. Some customers may feel hesitant to give their details. In that case you should convince them with valid reasons. After collecting the database, organize it systematically based on their likings, previous history of buying etc.

2. Make them feel valued – The more you make your customers feel special, the more are the chances of retaining them. What you can do is send them thank you note after every purchase made by the customer. This can lead to more trust and confidence in customer’s mind. They will feel important and so it will build a mutually rewarding relationship. You can also send SMS on their birthdays, anniversaries which will establish a connection instantly.

3. Send them offers, discounts – It work wonders when you send your customers SMS about special offers, discounts, festival offers etc. You can even start a contest and then give prizes for it. You can send short URLs of SMS related to coupons, free gifts. This will work in both ways. Firstly it will engage your customers and simultaneously it will also be a quick promotion of your products and services. This will surely win their heart.

4.  Send personalized SMS – You can even send personalized SMS to your clients. It will add more value to your marketing campaign. Send them personalized SMS of new offers based on their previous buying history. Instead of sending SMS randomly start grouping your customers. You can create group based on age, gender, liking, etc. This will make the message more personalized and  will have a long lasting impact.

5. Be creative with you SMS – Instead of sending long and boring content, make your SMS short, sweet and attractive. You can be as creative as you want. Don’t forget to include call to action in your SMS. The SMS should be simple yet powerful.

6. Accept feedback – Don’t send SMS just for the purpose of advertising and promotion. Instead if any customer has a complaint or feedback, listen to it patiently and try to resolve the issue. It will increase customer satisfaction. And will make your customer loyal towards your brand.


Today we are living in a world full of hurry, where everyone is chasing their goals and running after their dreams. Customers don’t have time to wait and watch what is best for them. Whatever engages them and catches their attention, they go for it. So it becomes vital to focus on engaging customers. Select a bulk SMS service which covers all your needs.


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