Mistakes to be avoided while sending bulk SMS

Every businessman aims to earn profit. Cut throat competition in every field has made marketing essential. Without promoting your products and services you cannot excel in your field. There are various ways to stay in touch with your customers. The most useful and prominent way to reach is Bulk SMS marketing. There is a flood of opportunities in the field of Bulk SMS marketing. It serves as the most effective tool nowadays. It can enrich your advertising plans and adds more value to them.

“Are you not getting the desired results with your Bulk SMS marketing campaign?”

If your answer is Yes then probably you may be making some mistakes while doing SMS marketing. Read on to find more about the mistakes and how to avoid them.

If this marketing tool is used in the right manner, it can increase your sales, boost revenue and establish connection with your users. So to help you with this, we have put together the common mistakes which people make while sending bulk SMS.

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Mistakes to be avoided while sending bulk SMS

1. Not including bulk SMS marketing – Some business owners don’t include bulk SMS marketing in their promotional campaigns. They try all other mediums like email marketing, newspaper advertising etc but forget such an important element. Specially startups hesitate to go for bulk SMS marketing. These days big multinational companies are opting for bulk SMS marketing. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Ford, Amazon rely heavily on bulk SMS marketing.

The best thing about bulk SMS marketing is its universal nature. No matter you have a million dollar establishment or a small startup, bulk SMS marketing will work wonders for your business. Hence every entrepreneur should try to incorporate bulk SMS marketing irrespective of the size or nature of business.

2. Not including Call to Action – As we are aware of the fact that 90% SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery, its important to immediately focus the attention of our customer on the purpose of the message. Call to action is the most effective part of an SMS. Call to action can be a text, link, phone number that motivates them to read the message further. You can share offers, discounts, deals, even links in the message. Some of the common examples are Buy Now, Visit us today, Call now and many more. If these are missing, then the SMS fails to deliver its purpose.

So don’t forget to include call to action for giving your SMS more weightage and making it more professional.

3. Not sending SMS at right time – Customers feel annoyed if the messages reach them at odd hours. So sending SMS at the right time is very important if you want to establish a rapport with them. As the mobile phone is within arm’s reach usually, as soon as a buzz or beep sound comes it is likely that the person will open his or her phone to read the message. And if its a promotional message sent at an inappropriate time, it might make the customer irritated.

So its very crucial to take care of the time of sending the SMS. Make sure to send the SMS when it is convenient for your target audience.

4. Not sending clear, concise messages – The secret of an effective bulk SMS marketing is to send clear, concise and appealing messages. Usually what happens is that customers are bombarded with messages having a very long content which is  time consuming to read. Instead we should focus on making the message more interesting and useful. We should give the customer what they want. Rather than keeping the content long and boring, it should be short and attractive.

5. Not sending quality messages – One of the usual mistake people make is that they send too many messages to their customers. They just think that if we are sending many SMS, we will be able to achieve our target. But that is not the case. If you are too focused on the quantity then the quality gets compromised. If we are sending SMS again and again to the customers, they will soon be fed up and block our number. This dilutes our purpose.

Hence in order to retain our customers and make them loyal towards our brand, quality messages should be sent.


So these are the common mistakes which can hinder your journey towards a great bulk SMS strategy. Make sure to avoid these mistakes in order to boost sales and increase brand recognition. Make the customer feel special by designing your SMS in such a way that it fulfills its purpose and conveys the required information.


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