How to apply for transactional SMS route?

Transactional SMS is used for sending vital or necessary information to the customers regarding a product or service. Examples are e-commerce sites, sending messages of order invoice number, delivery status, receipt of transaction etc to its customers. Basically the transactional route is used by companies and organizations who want to send non promotional SMS to both DND and non DND numbers 24*7. You can send the message without approval.


Example of transactional SMS

Transactional messages are not intended for marketing purposes. Their main motive is to convey the required information to its users. The following are the examples of transactional SMS:

► Dear Customer,

Thank you for shopping from Flipkart. We will notify you when your order is shipped.

► Dear Customer,

Your OTP for single use is 74561. Only valid for 20 minutes. Keep it confidential.

► Dear Customer,

Rs. 200 was spent on your debit card on 21-3-2018 at Paytm. Available balance in your account is 5,700.


Features of Transactional SMS

1. In the transactional route you are eligible to send SMS without approval.

2. In this route messages can be sent to both DND and non DND numbers.

3. You can send SMS 24*7, without any time restraints.

4. The SMS gets delivered instantly without any hassle.

5. SMS can be sent using your own Sender ID.



How to apply for transactional SMS route?



If you have a business, company, brand,organization etc you can avail our transactional SMS services. For this you need to go through the following procedure:

1. Firstly you need to submit 2 documents –

  • Personal Government ID proof issued by Central Government.(Aadhaar Card or PAN Card)
  • Fast2SMS NDNC Letter with Seal & Signed on your company letterhead. For this mail us your company details.

2. Secondly, Fast2SMS team will review the documents submitted by you and verification will be done and once verified you are eligible to use our transactional SMS services. The verification process might take 24-48 hours.



 Why Fast2SMS is the best transactional SMS service provider?

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Fast2SMS is a leading bulk SMS service provider in India in which you can expect 100% instant message delivery and high quality services from our side. Fast2SMS is the best transactional SMS service provider in India and following are some of its unique features:

1. Transactional SMS at lowest price On an average, compared to other bulk SMS service providers, Fast2SMS provides a platform which is affordable and feasible. Our primary concern is that, users should get the maximum advantage and complete satisfaction from our services. Our services are budget friendly and very affordable. We provide cheap transactional bulk SMS.


2. Provide transactional SMS API – API stands for Application Programming Interface. If you have a large database of customers or users, and you have to send SMS to each one of them. Then the only simple way to do it is by automating it by API. Through API you don’t need to manually send messages to each of your clients. The messages are sent automatically through the gateway. It is the most preferred way to send SMS when dealing with a wider audience.


3. Import Contacts using QR- QR is the new feature designed by Fast2SMS. This feature is not available in any other bulk SMS service provider. The specialty of this feature is that you can maintain a database of your subscribers, clients or customers in a systematic manner and the most interesting point to be noted here is that the data is fed by your users themselves and you get to view all the details of them like their mobile number, name. It proves to be very useful while tracking information. All you need to do is just share the QR link with your contacts and there it is. If you want to know more in detail about this feature and how it can benefit you, do check out the link below.


4. Easy Interface – Our interface is simple and easy to work with. The dashboard is user-friendly and customized for every user. You will not find any complex structure loaded with tons of information in Fast2SMS. We provide easy to use interface.


5. Free credit for testing – If you have any doubts about Fast2SMS services or you are not sure whether to buy or not, you can try our service before buying. We provide INR 50 after every sign up to test the quality of our services. If satisfied then you can Sign Up  to avail the latest offers and discounts. Fast2SMS is the best transactional SMS service provider in India.


6. Transparency – We believe in having full transparency. You will not find any unethical practices like generating fake SMS reports, fraudulent practices etc. We generate only authentic, real time reports. We never compromise on quality. Our main mission is to make the messaging industry simple, affordable and transparent.

Once you got the approval you can send SMS to both DND and non DND numbers without any time constraints. You should definitely give it a try and for sending SMS at an affordable  SMS price with 100% guarantee of delivery, do check out Fast2SMS and Sign Up. If you have any queries related to transactional SMS route, mail us at [email protected]

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