Difference between Enterprise and Telemarketer in DLT platform

As per latest TRAI Guidelines 2020, every Individual/Business Entity and Bulk SMS Service Provider needs to register with the telecom operators on a DLT platform in order to continue using Bulk SMS Service.


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At the time of registering on the DLT platform, you will find 2 options to choose from – Enterprise and Telemarketer as shown in the image below.

Enterprise and Telemarketer difference


Let’s understand the meaning of Enterprise and Telemarketer.

Enterprise: An Enterprise is an Individual or Company who wants to communicate with its customers using Bulk SMS Service. It is an Individual/Entity who want to send SMS to its customers and clients regarding the products and services. Enterprise is also known by the name of Principal Entity.


Example of Enterprise

Enterprises in India



Telemarketer: Telemarketer is the Bulk SMS Service Provider Company from which a business purchases Bulk SMS Service to send SMS to its clients and customers. In other words, telemarketer sends SMS on behalf of the Enterprise (Principal Entity).


Example of Telemarketer

Fast2SMS logo

According to the revised TRAI guidelines 2020, registration is mandatory for every entity to continue using Bulk SMS Service. Both the Enterprise and Telemarketer need to get registered with the Telecom Operators on the DLT platform to continue sending SMS to their clients.

Add following in your DLT Enterprise/Entity Registration :
Telemarketer Name: SID GROUPS
Telemarketer ID: 1102524310000011354


Which option to choose at the time of registering on the DLT platform?

If you are an Individual/Business owner and want to use Bulk SMS Service for sending SMS to your customers, then select Enterprise option at the time of registering.

If you are a Bulk SMS Service Provider engaged in the business of providing Bulk SMS Service, then select the Telemarketer option at the time of registering.



Functions of Enterprise (Principal Entity) as per the revised TRAI Guidelines

1. Every Principal Entity needs to register on the DLT platform by submitting business documents.

2. An Enterprise has to select a Registered Telemarketer (RTM) from whom it wants to purchase Bulk SMS Service.

3. In order to send SMS to customers, an Enterprise has to take their consent through SMS, Web or Mobile App and upload it on the DLT platform.

4. They need to register Header (Sender ID) and Templates on the DLT platform.


Functions of Telemarketer as per the revised TRAI Guidelines

1. Telemarketers have to register on the DLT SMS platform to provide Bulk SMS Service to its clients.

2. A telemarketer can register on behalf of Principal Entity and manage their Header (Sender ID) and Templates.

3. They can assist in the scrubbing of promotional texts so that the messages get delivered as per the specified criteria set by the customer.

4. Telemarketers can initiate the delivery of promotional SMS to the scrubbed target audience list.

5. They have to maintain a complete record of all promotional SMS sent by the registered telemarketer (RTM) for reference.



We request you to get registered on the DLT platform as soon as you can to avoid any disruption in using Bulk SMS Service.


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